Keep Off-Road Caravan Cool In Summer
December 10, 2022 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

5 Clever Ways To Keep Your Off-Road Caravan Cool In Summer

In Australia, Christmas is the time when most Aussies love to hitch up their caravans and head out on the open road during the holidays. However, this is also the hottest time of the year and can make camping very uncomfortable if you don’t plan ahead.

Finding the ideal balance of ventilation, shade, and heat reduction is important to keep an off-road caravan cool in the summer. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for keeping your off-road caravan cool for those who enjoy summertime camping without electricity so you can have a better time.

1). Pick A Location With Some Shade

The afternoon sun will heat up your caravan like an oven which isn’t ideal as you want your caravan to be as cool and comfortable as possible for sleeping at night. Therefore, the most crucial thing to do in the summer to keep your off-road caravan cool is to reduce the amount of direct sunshine it receives during the day. 

Keep an eye on the time and where the sun is as you approach your camp. Pause for a moment and determine where the sun will rise in the morning and where it will set in the evening. Try to choose a location with more shade and less sun in the afternoon. 

2). Use Sprayers And Wet Rags

Wrapping a wet washcloth or towel around your neck or across the forehead is a quick and easy technique to cool yourself. Cooling these areas of your body will help as the hands, feet and head are where most body heat escapes.

Additionally, you can wet your singlet or T-shirt, wring it out, and then put it back on. The cold material will feel refreshing and will help to promote relaxation. A water spray bottle can also temporarily chill the face and arms on a hot day.

3).  Install Solar

Installing a solar system on your off-road caravan is a terrific way to keep your caravan cool throughout the day. With solar power, you have an unlimited power supply that comes from the sun. This means that you can power your air conditioning unit totally off the grid to beat the heat when the sun becomes too much to bear. 

Keep Off-Road Caravan Cool In Summer

4). Use Light Linen

Summer camping trips call for basic, lightweight linen. Save your blankets and doonas for the cooler months when you’ll need that comfortable warmth. Take the insert out of the doona and store it under the bed for cooler times of the year. You can still make up a lovely bed with a doona cover and enjoy a cool night’s sleep. Additionally, avoid using a blanket while sleeping and use a plain, flat sheet instead.

5). Open Windows, Vents, And Doors

Opening windows, doors, and vents is a simple but clever method to keep your off-road caravan cool in the summer, although it seems the most obvious solution. Consider leaving all the windows and vents open to let heat escape and also create more air circulation in the caravan. You can also do the same with hatches and roof vents. The last thing you want is for all that summer heat to be trapped in your caravan with no way of getting out!

Final Thoughts

Summer is the ideal season for travel. You can go camping and engage in enjoyable outdoor activities while the sun shines brightly. At the same time, you don’t want your off-road caravan to feel like a sauna because of the hot sun. The above five recommendations for keeping your off-road caravan cool in the summer will help you to endure the sweltering heat. 

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