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For over 15 years Retreat Caravans have been designing and building sturdy, safe, secure and comfortable caravans for all the adventurers out there who enjoy exploring the Great Australian Outdoors.

Offroad Can

Each one of the more than 5,000 caravans we have sold to date has undergone rigorous inspection and testing. This is done to ensure that owners of Retreat Caravans will experience the best outdoor adventures while enjoying all the creature comforts of home. Our passion is to manufacture the highest quality, most reliable caravans in Australia that our customers can be truly proud of.

Off-Road Caravans Features

You wouldn’t expect a fully off-road caravan to have all the features that luxury caravans are typically known for but the Retreat range of off-road caravans has changed all of this forever. From the world’s first all-electric ERV, to the fully off-road Daydream and the beast that beats the road, the Fraser, Retreat has taken off-road caravanning to a whole new level.

Offroad Features
Offroad Features 2

The unique features that stand out with this innovative range of off-road caravans include the sturdy supergal chassis, 6” A-frame, corrosion-resistant independent off-road suspension system, solar power, water filter and hot water system, backup lithium battery and radius front with a one-piece roof all the way to the rear of the caravan.

Further to this, other features include a roll-out awning and picnic table, outside shower, TV and audio system, fridge, flat stick furniture, air-conditioner, microwave, grill and rangehood, fibreglass shower with bathroom accessories, and an innerspring mattress complete with doona and pillows. What more could you ask for!

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Off-Road Caravan
Suspension Types

At Retreat, we are serious about safety which is why all our caravans are equipped with durable, corrosion-resistant independent suspension systems that can withstand all types of dirt roads and rough terrain. This means there are truly no limits to where you can travel in your Retreat off-road caravan, no matter where in you are Australia.

Offroad ERV


The world’s first all-electric caravan is equipped to conquer great distances and tackle just about any terrain you throw at it. Complete with an Alpha Suspensions 4.4t independent suspension system, its strategic design will give you comfort and confidence while tackling all that Australia has to offer.


The Daydream

Conquer the toughest roads with the Daydream and its sturdy Alpha Suspensions 4.4t independent suspension. The Daydream guarantees exceptional towing and is capable of giving you the best off-road experiences possible no matter where you are.


The Fraser

The Fraser suspension system embodies the trusted sturdiness of all the other Retreat models. It is equipped with an Alpha Suspensions 3.7T independent suspension for ultimate safety on the road to withstand even the bumpiest rides.

What Makes an Off-Road Caravan?

A strong and sturdy off-road caravan will take your camping experience to another level regardless of the terrain you plan to tackle. Whether you are planning to take the roughest outback roads, national parks, or beaches, selecting the best off-road caravan for the job is priceless.

With this in mind, you need to consider the following things when selecting the best off-road caravan for you and your needs:

Offroad Left

Independent Suspension

Undoubtedly the biggest feature that makes a quality off-road caravan is its suspension system. You need to make sure that it gives the smoothest ride possible while also protecting the caravan itself from being damaged. Independent suspension is easily the most reliable choice for challenging terrains and the roughest of outback roads.

Offroad Right

Robust Coupling

A key feature of off-road coupling is the ability of the ‘head’ (the part that connects to the pin or ball) to articulate independently and freely from the rest of the coupling on both the vertical and horizontal axis. This negates the forces that otherwise would be imposed on the chassis and coupling by the movement of the towing vehicle as it traverses undulating terrain.

Offroad Chassis

Chassis and Drawbar

The backbone of an off-road caravan is the chassis. Your off-road caravan must have the ability to take on the harshest terrain the Australian outback can throw your way. Strong quality steel is the most important element and can make or break the durability of a chassis and ultimately, your caravan.

However, with the Retreat supergal chassis, you can rest assured you’ll be safe and secure no matter where you go. Furthermore, the drawbar has a mounted stone shield fitted under the chassis for extra protection against rocks and other debris.

Offroad Body

Caravan Body Construction

Retreat’s range of off-road caravans all feature an aluminium, fully interlocked frame with a welded roof and wall frames, held together with anti-vibration, henrob, and steel pins providing a wonderful blend of strength and style.

For the interior, Retreat’s unique RXP construction uses the latest innovation in industry technology that improves the thermal insulating properties of the cabin. The RXP construction ensures you stay warm or cool regardless of the seasons. This means that minimal use of the heating and air conditioning system is required. Furthermore, the RXP composite material does not absorb water and is backed by a lifetime Rot Free Structural Guarantee.

Offroad High Round

Higher Ground Clearance

A higher ground clearance will ensure that there is enough space between the chassis or suspension and the numerous obstacles or debris that could damage it. A departure angle of 40 degrees or more is recommended along with a ground clearance of 500mm or more.

Offroad Terrain

All-Terrain Tyres

All-terrain tyres are more off-road-oriented with a lower speed rating than H/T (Highway Terrain) tyres. The stronger carcass construction tends to provide a higher load rating and is characterised by a more open, deeper tread pattern.

Compare Off-Road Caravan
Layouts and Models

All three of Retreat’s outstanding off-road caravans have unique features that not only make your journey more enjoyable but provide you with unparalleled comfort. Take a look:


The Fraser

The Fraser has endless options for off-road enthusiasts with 21 different floor plans that you can choose from. This makes it easy to see why the Fraser is Retreat’s biggest selling and most popular model. This unique and durable caravan is packed with features that are sure to make your next big adventure the best one yet.

The Retreat ERV, Daydream and Fraser all come with durable tapware and accessories, stylish splashbacks and benchtops, upholstered seat bases, and super comfortable bedding making the Retreat range of off-road caravans your number one choice for the ultimate in off-road caravanning and adventure.

The Daydream

The Daydream comes with 13 different floor plans, with some floor plans even offering single bed configurations and allowing you to customise the seating arrangements exactly the way you want.

The Daydream is strategically equipped inside and out to give you the adventure that you’ve always dreamed of while enjoying first-class luxury and comfort at the same time. We give you all the options that you need for the perfect home away from home.



The ERV comes complete with 4 different floor plans for you to choose from, so you are sure to find a layout that is just right for you. Each floor plan comes complete with all the creature comforts you need, to make you feel like you haven’t even left the house.

With 2,400 watts of solar power and 14.3 kWh battery storage, you will be able to run your appliances all day and night without any worries. This means you can travel wherever your heart desires in complete comfort and with unparalleled convenience like never before.


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