Difference between off road and off grid caravan
January 05, 2023 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Whats The Difference Between An Off-Road And Off-Grid Caravan

Are you planning to explore some remote areas of Australia but are unsure of what type of caravan you need for the trip? Should you purchase an off-road caravan or an off-grid caravan?

If you plan to hit dirt roads with corrugated tracks to get to remote beaches or camp out beside rivers, then an off-road caravan may be for you. However, if your plans include travelling to even more remote areas with no access to facilities, you will need an off-grid caravan with power systems that enable you to travel off-grid for days, or even weeks at a time. 

In today’s blog article, we will explore the main differences between an off-road caravan and an off-grid caravan to help you choose the right option for your travel requirements. Keep reading below to learn more! 

What Is An Off-Road Caravan? 

For nature lovers and adventurers alike, there is nothing better than travelling in a caravan that is designed for the best off-road experience. With that said, any off-road touring adventure will require a functional, high-quality and reliable caravan with off-road capabilities. 

Off-road caravans are designed with functionality in mind while offering essential home comforts as well as solid construction of the entire unit. A long ride on rough terrain can be extremely tiring, but with a caravan that is specifically designed for the job at hand, you have a smoother trip with less effort. 

Some of the most important features to look out for in an off-road caravan in order to enjoy a comfortable and safe off-road trip include: 

  • A quality chassis with strength and the ability to support the entire weight of the caravan made of high-quality steel, such as an Australian ARV Chassis
  • An off-road caravan suspension system to handle rough terrain such as an independent coil spring system with dual shock absorbers. 
  • High ground clearance and proper protection for all essential wiring and plumbing under the chassis to prevent damage when making river crossings or traversing rough terrain. 

Difference between off road and off grid caravan

What Is An Off-Grid Caravan? 

If you are an adventurous camper and want to explore places in the middle of nowhere, you will require a caravan with off-grid capabilities. With the right power systems, you can travel off-grid without worrying about running out of essentials like water and power. 

A quality off-grid caravan will provide you with all the water and power you will need to survive on an extended trip in areas where there is no access to these life essentials. Here are some of the most important things you will need when camping off-grid: 

  • At least two 95L water tanks.
  • A solar and battery power system that will be sufficient to last for the planned trip without the use of a generator or a facility to charge batteries.  
  • Enhanced solar capabilities are available with the patented DCX Power Solution specifically designed for mobile applications. This system will provide and manage all the power requirements of your caravan, RV, and other applications. 
  • A Hitch/Coupling system with at least 360-degree articulation to allow the caravan to adapt to different terrain and reduce the level of strain exerted on the tow vehicle. The Cruisemaster DO35 V3Plus or DO45Plus range of couplings is a good choice. 
  • Off-road wheels and tyres with improved traction and enhanced side-wall protection like the IDCE tough range of caravan wheels. This will reduce damage from stones and other hazards experienced when travelling off-road to ensure a safe trip.

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