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Are you looking to explore the great outdoors in luxury with your family? At Retreat Caravans, we provide Australia’s most sought-after touring caravans that will take your next adventure to a level you never thought possible. With more than 15 years of experience building touring caravans designed with families in mind, you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe and happy in a Retreat Caravan.

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Our team of designers is renowned for pushing the design limits in creating luxurious touring caravans that allow you to explore Australia in the utmost comfort. We also emphasise creating durable vehicles that will serve your family for many years to come.

Why Choose Retreat Caravans?

  • We use RXP construction to build our touring caravans as this improves the cabin’s thermal insulation properties and comes with an unlimited rot-free guarantee
  • We are community oriented and work super hard to bring Retreat members together. Buying a Retreat means joining our Retreat family.
  • Our products are safety-centric, keeping you and your family safe and secure as you explore this great country of ours
  • Retreat touring caravans are customisable to meet your specific requirements with dozens of floor plans and layouts to choose from
  • We prioritise quality in everything, including engineering and workmanship. Our range of touring caravans Is designed to exceed all expected standards in comfort and durability.
  • Due to the high calibre of service from our customer care team, we have many repeat clients all across Australia

Touring Caravan Benefits

Why shell out a fortune for expensive hotel rooms when you can purchase your very own luxury touring caravan and stay wherever you want, whenever you want? Below are a couple of reasons why you should purchase a touring caravan:

Provides Ample Space

Retreat’s Whitsunday is the ultimate touring caravan that is a comfortable and luxurious home away from home for you and your family. With a spacious interior and roll-out awning, you can truly relax and experience glamping at its best.

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Ensures You Enjoy Freedom

You can travel anywhere and explore anything with a Retreat touring caravan. You don’t need to worry about hotel bookings, accommodation costs or other travel arrangements with your very own touring caravan. This provides you with a complete feeling of freedom which makes your travelling time a lot more enjoyable.

Touring Caravans Options

Retreat touring caravans come in a wide range of layouts, with up to 21 different floor plans and layouts. Other standard options include the following:

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Windows and Roof Ports

Our touring caravans have several large windows and roof ports, making them appear more open and spacious. This factor contributes to touring caravans typically being bigger and heavier than other kinds of caravans.

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Wide Range of Amenities

Retreat’s touring caravans contain several standard amenities that would be optional in a conventional caravan. They include a washing machine, a porcelain toilet, and an independent rock & roll 3.2T suspension system. With these touring caravans, you can travel in luxury and comfort to wherever your heart desires.

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RXP Wall Construction

There is more to elegance than meets the eye with Retreat’s range of touring caravans. For instance, Retreat uses an aluminium frame and fibreglass walls filled with sandwich panels made of our unique RXP construction. This offers more insulation and comfort in any type of weather conditions

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Twin-Axle Caravan

Larger and heavier touring caravans are equipped with two axles to increase their stability and make them easier to tow when travelling on open roads.

Why Choose A Touring Caravan?

Choosing whether to purchase a touring caravan could be challenging. How can you tell if you’re getting your money’s worth? Following are a few considerations before you purchase a touring caravan.

  • Less Costly: Trips in a caravan are typically quite affordable after the initial expense. Avoid paying exorbitant rates for hotels and flights. You can arrive anytime you choose as you don’t need to worry about booking accommodation. Additionally, you don’t need to spend much money on excursions or other activities.
  • People are constantly being lured to travel full-time. If you fall into this category, a touring caravan will allow you the flexibility to go whenever and wherever you like. Live life by your own rules in your very own touring caravan.

Touring Caravan Layouts And Models

Our best-selling and most popular touring caravan is the Whitsunday. The Whitsunday is a truly unique caravan that stands out heads and shoulders above other touring caravans on the market in terms of quality, style, and enjoyment.


It features a 190W solar panel, a 120 amp AGM battery, a water filter, an air conditioner, two 95-litre water tanks, and a reverse camera. It also has full-height padding and a skylight and is constructed of durable materials to provide a long-lasting reminder of your travels.

The interior is slick and elegant with every item carefully chosen to maximise your comfort while on board. Full-height head bumps, a small grill, TV accessories, a microwave, an antenna, and a TV arm provide an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience.

It also comes with up to 21 different floor plan and layout options so you are able to customise the configuration to suit your exact individual needs.

Whitsunday Angle View

Purchase Your Touring Caravan From Retreat Caravans

At Retreat Caravans, we offer touring caravans that take glamping to a whole new level, no matter where in Australia you chose to travel. Purchase one of our touring caravans and head out on a camping and caravanning odyssey you’ll never forget. Get in touch with us to find a unique, modern, and elegant touring caravan that’s just right for you.


A touring caravan is essentially a mobile home on wheels equipped with everything you need. They are designed for on-road conditions and are an extremely comfortable way for you to explore all that Australia has to offer.

The maximum speed limit for any vehicle towing a caravan or trailer is 100 km/h. However, drivers of these vehicles must drive at least 60 metres behind heavy trucks unless they are overtaking however, extreme care must be taken.

It is very important that a touring caravan has enough space inside. As you will most likely be with your family, and for extended periods of time, having plenty of room to move is crucial. Its also important to make sure you have a back up solar panel in case you aren’t able to access the grid for whatever reason. You also need to make sure that it contains all the amenities and appliances required to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Even though caravan insurance is not required by law, you should still purchase it since accidents can happen, even if your caravan is parked at a camping ground.


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