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Semi-Off-Road Caravans For Sale

Retreat semi-off-road caravans offer you the unprecedented opportunity to experience the best adventures possible by ensuring your comfort, security and convenience when travelling across Australia. Whether you want to stick to the open road or tackle harsh bush tracks, Retreat semi-off-road caravans allow you to experience the best of both worlds.

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Our current off-semi-off-road models include the Fraser, Daydream and ERV,  all customisable to offer extreme comfort while also being practical.

Why Choose Retreat Semi-off-road Caravans?

  • We have more than 15 years of experience in designing and building durable, secure, and comfortable semi-off-road caravans.
  • Our semi-off-road caravans are designed so you can tackle difficult dirt roads and unsealed roads, which means you can enjoy your adventures without limitations.
  • We use RXP construction to enhance the cabin’s thermal insulating characteristics which means you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • We are constantly looking to innovate with the most recent addition being flat stick furniture, which is now featured in all Retreat semi-off-road caravans.
  • Our strong and stylish construction is a durable and stylish feature that is standard on our semi-off-road caravans the Fraser, Daydream and ERV.

Semi-Off-Road Caravan Features

All caravans have different features depending on the type, options, and uses, among other distinguishing features. However, there are specific features to look for when choosing a semi-off-road caravan. Some of these features are as follows:

Chassis and Drawbar

Retreat’s semi-off-road chassis is designed and built to survive the harshest elements of the Australian bush. High-quality supergal steel is an essential component of our chassis which is built to last. The drawbar also incorporates a stone shield that is mounted underneath the chassis for further defence against flying rocks and other debris.

Offroad Features
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Body Construction

The revolutionary RXP construction used by Retreat enhances the cabin’s thermal insulating properties by utilising the latest developments in industry technology. This means that you will stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Additionally, the RXP composite material doesn’t absorb water and has a lifetime Rot Free Structural Guarantee.

Semi-Off-Road Caravan Suspension

Unquestionably, the suspension system is the most crucial component of a high-end semi-off-road caravan. The independent suspensions on our semi-off-road caravans can easily take on Australia’s most challenging and arid terrain. Our suspension systems eliminate the forces that would otherwise be applied to the chassis when the towing vehicle over undulating terrain.

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What Makes a Semi-Off-Road Caravan?

Different types of caravans have varying features and amenities however, there are various features that set semi-off-road caravans apart from other types of caravans. These features include:

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High Ground Clearance

A higher ground clearance ensures that there is enough distance between the chassis or suspension and all of the potential obstacles or debris. A good semi-off-road caravan should have a departure angle of at least 40 degrees and a ground clearance of at least 500mm.

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All-Terrain Tyres

All-terrain tyres are less speed-rated than highway terrain tyres, but they are ideal for semi-off-road caravans. The more durable carcass design features a more open, deeper tread pattern and a higher load rating.

Semi-Off-Road Caravan Layouts and Models

At Retreat, we offer three semi-off-road models, Fraser, Daydream and ERV.

Fraser Angle View


The Fraser offers off-road enthusiasts countless options with up to 21 different floor plans to choose from. This is our highest-selling and most popular semi-off-road caravan model. Thanks to the Fraser’s unique and durable characteristics, you can tackle any rugged off road terrain with confidence.


The Daydream offers up to 13 different floor plans, some of which allow for single beds and also allow you to customise the seating arrangements according to your liking. The interior and exterior have been thoughtfully designed to provide you with the experience you’ve always wanted while offering first-class luxury and comfort while tackling the off road environment.



There are four different floor layouts available for the ERV, so you are sure to find a layout that suits your needs. Each floor plan has all the creature comforts you have come to expect for you to enjoy. You can run all your appliances, including the aircon, all day and night, with 2,400 watts of solar power and 14.3 kWh of battery storage.

Purchase A Semi Off-Road Caravan From Retreat

The Fraser, Daydream and ERV are the three quality semi-off-road caravans Retreat offers. Our semi-off-road caravans are made of solid materials and will give you the best camping experience in Australia. We have designed, created, and constructed the best semi-off-road caravans with practical designs and fabulous interior layouts. Contact us to get your semi-off-road now and take your camping experience in Australia to another level!


Simply said, the difference between semi-off-road and off-road caravans can lie in the terminology between various elements of each caravan. However, both caravans are equipped with off-road suspension to handle difficult terrain, the chassis is more rigid and durable, and there is also better ground clearance than a typical on-road caravan.

The features to look for when purchasing a semi-off-road caravan include ground clearance, independent suspension, water storage, reliable power supply, strong shock absorbers, and sturdy chassis.

Most on-road caravans feature shock absorbers, a beam axle, and leaf slipper springs for consistent on-road performance. However, this type of set up is unsuitable for off-road terrain as the various components are not designed or manufactured to withstand off-road conditions.

The best semi-off-road caravans Retreat offers in Australia is the Fraser, Daydream and ERV. All three models are designed and built to withstand the toughest off-road conditions.


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