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September 08, 2023 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

The Off-Grid Podcast Ep #9 w/ Andrew Huett from OzX Corp

In this EXCLUSIVE episode of the Off-Grid Podcast, we dive deep into the realm of innovative off-grid solutions with none other than Andrew Hewitt from OzX Corp. Get a first-hand look at the groundbreaking Test Van, a culmination of two years of meticulous crafting and cutting-edge technology. 🚐💡

From the concept of a ‘Smart House on Wheels’ to the pioneering electrification system, Episode 9 is packed with revelations, insights, and a sneak peek into what the future holds for off-grid enthusiasts.

But that’s not all! Andrew opens up about the trajectory of OzX Corp, their collaborations, and teases their imminent launch in the US. And, for all you electric vehicle enthusiasts, there’s something electrifying in store for you! ⚡🚗

Don’t miss out on this exciting episode. Hit that ‘Play’ button NOW and join us on this off-grid adventure.

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