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July 30, 2023 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

The Off-Grid Podcast Ep #3 w/ Barry & Sandy (Managers of the Queensland Retreat Caravan Group)

Welcome to the Off-Grid Podcast, powered by Retreat Caravans. In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Sandy and Barry Nielsen, two avid adventurers with a passion for caravanning and off-grid travel. Join us as we unravel their incredible 10,177 km journey through Western Australia, South Australia, and Victoria. Get ready for incredible stories,insights, and a glimpse into their amazing experiences along the way.
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[0:00] – Warm introduction to Sandy and Barry Nielsen as they join the podcast from Torquay, Victoria.
[2:40] – Reflections on their recent 10,177-kilometer trip, including destinations like Cape Lagrande, Smokey Bay, and Mount Barker.
[6:12] – Organising Queensland get-togethers and fundraising for the Royal Flying Doctor Service to help members in need.
[9:20] – Discussing their upgraded caravan, the Whitsunday 216, and the must-have features, including an inverter and Maxi fan.
[13:08] – Upcoming travel plans back to Queensland, with stops at Sale, Marimba, Armadale, and Nelsonville.
[15:45] – Advice for planning a six-month trip, including the importance of proper planning, bookings, and exploring vast Western Australia.
[18:23] – Their love for Perth and the beautiful experiences they’ve had during their caravanning adventures.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to Sandy and Barry Nielsen for sharing their inspiring journey on The Off-Grid Podcast. Their dedication to building a strong caravanning community and supporting charitable causes is truly commendable. Join us in the next episode as we continue to explore the lives of adventurous souls who embrace the off-grid lifestyle.
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