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September 22, 2023 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

The Off-Grid Podcast Ep #11 w/ Tim Bates

Get ready to ride the rugged roads with us! This week on the Off-Grid Podcast, we’re joined by 4×4 enthusiast and adventurer, Tim Bates! 🌟 From captivating tales of outback Australia to the art of campfire cooking 🍳🔥, this episode is jam-packed with travel tales, laughs, and expert tips. Ever heard of the first all-electric caravan in Australia? 🚐⚡ You’re about to. Buckle up and dive into this adventure with us!

🎧 Listen now and let the journey begin! #OffGridAdventures #TimBatesSpecial

Show Notes


00:02: Meet the hosts! Tilly welcomes 4×4 enthusiast, Tim Bates.

00:32: A walk down memory lane – Tilly and Tim recall their last get-together in Dago.

00:58: Why Dago stands out: from exclusive merch to unforgettable sausage rolls.


*Recent Adventures:*

01:19: Discover Tim’s post-Covid travels:

01:24: Tim’s escapade to Broken Hill in outback Australia.

01:50: Life at a working cattle station – a unique experience.

02:05: Silverton’s treasures: especially the Mad Max museum!

02:32: A teaser about Tim’s next adventure to Flints Rangers.


*Preparation for Remote Travel:*

03:26: Off-grid adventures: How far has Tim ventured? Introducing Want Toga Station in the Victorian high country.

03:54: Safety first: The significance of sharing travel plans with someone.

04:25: Crucial emergency tools for off-gridders – personal location beacons and satellite phones.

05:12: Tim’s advice on doing your homework – research, maps, and GPS tools.


*Food & Cooking Off-Grid:*

06:44: Get a taste of Tim’s cooking:

06:50: Morning rituals – bacon and eggs by the campfire.

07:10: For the mid-day hunger – toasted sandwiches, made with a jaffle iron.


*Diving Deeper with Tim Bates:*

07:40: The magic behind a campfire sandwich and how it trumps home-cooked ones.

08:04: Sweet vs Savory: Tilly’s love for desserts and Tim’s penchant for savory delights.

08:30: Jaffles on the go! Plus, a humorous jab at Tilly’s eating habits and choice of attire.

08:50: Tim shares his insights on Australia’s first all-electric caravan.

09:46: Awe-struck: Tim’s take on battery-operated appliances in the caravan.

10:41: Looking ahead: The prospects of electric and solar power in camping.

11:01: Dream destinations: Where would Tim head if he had a caravan?

11:58: Pro-tips for traversing rugged Australian terrains – tire pressures and more. – 13:11: Red dirt roads of the outback – why caution is paramount.

13:45: Vehicle update: Tim dishes on his patrol vehicle and a nod to his sponsor, Goodyear Tyres.

14:56: Is Tim eyeing a new ride?


*Connect with Tim Bates:*

15:18: Get updates and follow Tim’s adventures across social media platforms.

15:45: Why hasn’t Tim shared any dessert recipes yet? A light-hearted end to the episode.

Stay tuned for more Off-Grid podcast episodes, bringing adventure closer to you!



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