The Off-Grid Podcast

September 15, 2023 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

The Off-Grid Podcast Ep #10 w/ Jeff & Jade

In today’s episode of The Off-Grid Podcast Tilly, Jeff and Jade dive deep into their off-grid lifestyle with their caravan, emphasising the benefits of modern technology and convenience they’ve experienced. They underscore the autonomy of not being tied to power sources, as evident from their use of microwaves, coffee machines, and hair dryers without the need for traditional power inputs.


Show Notes:

Introduction: Chat with Jeff & Jade about their off-grid caravanning lifestyle.

Benefits of Modern Caravanning:

Using appliances without traditional power sources.
Convenience of the microwave, coffee machine, and other devices.
Weber Barbecues – Gas vs Electric: Jeff & Jade’s personal experience and preferences.

Evolution of Caravanning: Discussing the launch of the electric vehicle (e v) back in 2019.

Trip Planning: Jeff & Jade’s plans for future trips.

Off-Grid Essentials: Must-have items for those wanting to go off-grid.

Importance of generators, solar, inverters, water bladders, and the debate between compressor vs gas fridges.
Unique Off-Grid Experiences:

Charging other caravans or devices.
Using modern amenities even when off-grid.
Conclusion: A thank-you note from Tilly and Jeff & Jade directing listeners to their social media for more insights.


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