Off-Road Family Caravans

Off-Road Family Caravans For Sale

Are you looking to make lasting memories as a family as you explore the great outdoors? Retreat Caravans are here to make it possible. With years of experience building off-road caravans designed with families in mind, you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe and happy in a Retreat Caravan.

Offroad Can

Our team of designers is renowned for pushing the limits in creating capable family off-road caravans that can handle whatever conditions you throw at them while exploring Australia. We also emphasise creating durable vehicles that will serve your family for many years to come. We also focus on helping families enjoy their trips by providing unmatched comfort and safety features in our range of family caravans.

Why Choose Retreat Caravans?

  • We are community oriented and work super hard to bring Retreat members together. Buying a Retreat means joining our Retreat family.
  • Our products are safety-centric, keeping you and your family safe and secure as you explore this great country of ours
  • Retreat off-road family caravans are customisable to your specific requirements with dozens of floor plans and layouts to choose from
  • We prioritise quality in everything, including engineering and workmanship. Our range of family caravans Is designed to exceed all expected standards in comfort and durability.
  • Our range of family caravans is designed for off-road exploring and travel

Family Caravan Features

Retreat’s family caravans contain features that enhance the practicality of your vehicle while catering to your family’s needs. That’s why we have included something as simple as an awning as this can be transformed into a fully enclosed space, creating an extra bedroom or entertainment space.

We also ensure you are able to store ample water to cater to your family. We have included all the amenities your family needs, including a toilet, an indoor and/or outdoor shower, an HVAC system, cooking facilities, a generator and/or batteries to store electricity, a fridge, extra expandable spaces, and all the safety features you need to keep your family safe.

Family Caravan

Are you a family that likes to explore remote and unspoilt areas of the bush? Or are you a family that likes to stick to the road and enjoy the amenities of a well-developed campsite? Either way, we have family caravan options that will meet your needs.

Our caravans are designed to meet all your needs while exploring off-road and living off-grid. They can withstand the harshest of conditions Australia can throw at you. Whether you have the ERV 219B Daydream 216R, our range of family caravans will take your family to your campsite of choice, no matter the conditions. You have the option of exploring off-road, semi-off-road or sticking to sealed roads.

Offroad Features
Offroad Features 2

What Makes a Family Caravan?

Retreat family caravans have the space, layout, and features to cater to your entire family’s needs. Our family caravans provide you with enough bed capacity, storage space, and living spaces for all your family members. Additionally, there is ample water storage and amenities to cater to your family’s needs.

Safety is another crucial aspect of a family caravan. While travelling as a family, you want everyone in your family to be safe. That is why you can trust Retreat Caravans as we are an RVMAP-accredited caravan manufacturer. This gives you complete peace of mind that you and your family will be safe with a Retreat family caravan.

Finally, our family caravans are well-equipped with features that enhance the caravanning and camping experience. After all, caravanning is about creating shared memories as a family while exploring the wild. Our range of caravans is designed with your family’s experience in mind

Family Caravan Layouts and Models

Retreat has a wide range of family caravans for you and your family to choose from. Under our ERV model, the ERV 219B has a bedroom ensuite and three bunk beds.

The Daydream

For the Daydream model, your family has a choice of the Daydream 194B, Daydream 219B, and Daydream 219B SE layouts. The layout typically features a deluxe bed and two, three, or four bunk beds.

Fraser Angle View


Under the Fraser line of caravans, your family can choose the Fraser 169B, Fraser 194B, Fraser 219B SE, or the Fraser 260B. These also come with a deluxe bed and a two, three, or four-person bunk bed layout.


All of the Whitsunday models come with a spacious main bed. However, depending on the number of beds in your family, you can choose the Whitsunday 169B, Whitsunday 194B, or the Whitsunday 219B layout that comes with two bunk beds. You can choose the Whitsunday 219B SE layout with three bunkbeds or the Whitsunday 260B with four bunk beds.

Whitsunday Angle View

While Retreat Caravan is renowned for its stylish exterior décor, our customers love the caravans for their well-apportioned and comfortable interiors, stand-out amenities, durability, and the ability to go where you want. We invite you to join the Retreat family if you’re looking for a new caravan.


If you’re planning to buy a family caravan, you need to consider the crucial attributes, including the floor plan and features necessary for your comforts, such as your fridge, outdoor awning, outdoor shower, fresh water and grey water storage, storage space, and accommodation facilities for the family.

Some of the benefits of owning a family caravan include the following:

  • It gives you more flexibility and control over your family trip
  • Caravans are designed to accommodate your family members comfortably
  • Features such as an outdoor shower, fridge, and kitchen make camping easier and more comfortable
  • Caravans are equipped to meet the needs of young kids.

Knowing whether you’ll be exploring off-roads or sticking to paved roads is important. You also need to know the comfort and safety features you need in your caravan. Finally, you need to know the number of people your caravan needs to accommodate.

The number of people a caravan can accommodate will depend on the layout of the caravan. We have models with a layout to accommodate 2 to 6 people. The main difference is the number of bunkbeds a layout has.


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