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At Retreat, we believe there is no better feeling than hitting the open road with your very own caravan and exploring everything our magnificent country has to offer. For this reason, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with an enormous range of luxurious caravans across Australia. Our luxury caravans ensure you don’t have to give up any of your creature comforts.

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Why Choose Retreat Caravans?

  • Our caravans feature luxurious finishes, solar panels, reverse cameras, skylights and loads of other features.
  • Our luxury caravans have stunning exteriors and are extremely durable.
  • We take pride in offering the highest quality materials, from the chassis to the countertops.
  • Our luxury caravans stand out and set an example both style and performance-wise.
  • We have plenty of great floor plan options to choose from so you are sure to find something that suits you and your family.

Luxury Caravan Features

You will have a completely different perspective of what luxury is when travelling with your Retreat luxury caravan. Even something as basic as having extra space will make a massive difference, along with things like a real washing machine and a full-sized toilet. These little things can make a big difference when you’re on the road in the middle of nowhere.

Classy Interiors

The classy interiors of Retreat’s luxury caravans have a hospitable and welcoming feel and look absolutely fantastic. There is also plenty of lighting inside which adds to the feeling of warmth as if you really are at home.

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Adequate Appliances

Retreat luxury caravans have all the necessary appliances to really elevate that homely feel including a refrigerator, built-in microwaves, a music system, TV and other necessary appliances to improve your travelling experience.

Outdoor Entertainment Accessory

When you’re on an adventure with the family, it’s unlikely, aside from sleeping, that you’ll be spending much time inside your caravan. Therefore, our luxury caravans come complete with a roll-out canopy, outside speakers, bugproof lights and a picnic table with map of Australia.

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Luxury Caravan Options

At Retreat, we offer luxury caravans with the following feature

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Exterior Shower

Cleaning up before entering your caravan is easy with the Daydream’s lockable outside shower with hot and cold mixer taps. However, if you prefer to have the shower inside, you can choose the Whitsunday if an outside shower is not your thing.

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Dust Reduction System

The Dust Reduction System turns on automatically when the vehicle is moving and reduces the amount of dust that enters the caravan cabin. The DRS allows clean air to flow into the caravan as it moves, driving airborne dust from nearby areas out and preventing further dust from entering. You can select the Daydream model if a DRS appeals to you.

What Makes a Luxury Caravan?

A luxurious caravan should have several large windows and roof ports, making it appear airy and spacious. This factor contributes to luxury caravans typically being bigger and heavier than other kinds of caravans.

Luxury caravans should also contain several standard amenities that would be optional in a conventional caravan. They include a washing machine, a porcelain toilet, and an independent semi-off-road suspension. With these Retreat’s range of luxury caravans, you can travel in luxury and comfort to the nation’s more remote regions.

There is more to elegance than meets the eye with Retreat’s luxury range of caravans. For instance, Retreat uses an aluminium frame and fibreglass walls filled with sandwich panels made of our unique RXP construction. This offers more insulation and comfort in any type of weather conditions.

Luxury Caravan Layouts and Models

At Retreat, we have two luxury caravan models you can choose from:

The Daydream

The Daydream offers 13 different floor configurations and is carefully created to give you a first-class, comfortable ride. You can have access to all the significant amenities you enjoy at home while away from home.

The luxurious interior amenities of this cosy caravan make it the perfect travelling companion. It has self-closing extension drawers, rolled post bench tops, fibreglass shower, cushioned seat bases, and gas heater.

The exterior of the Daydream features a water tank, toolbox, entertainment hatch, and lockers for the showers in this opulent caravan. With double glass windows and checker plate wheel spats, we have all bases covered.

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The Whitsunday is beautiful, unique, and even more luxurious than the Daydream. It has full-height padding and a skylight. It is constructed of durable materials to provide a long-lasting reminder of your travels.

The interior is slick and elegant with every item carefully chosen to maximise your comfort while on board. Full-height head bumps, a small grill, TV accessories, a microwave, an antenna, an air conditioner, and a TV arm provide an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience.

Purchase A Caravan From Retreat Caravans

Do you want to buy a luxury caravan and explore Australia? Retreat Caravans is your number one choice for high-quality first-class luxury caravans. You can choose from our Daydream model or the Whitsunday, our most luxurious model.


When buying a luxury caravan, you should look for features like showers with quality finishings, high-quality construction materials, entertainment amenities, and superior quality electrical and plumbing systems.

Absolutely! If you are planning to spend a lot of time exploring everything that Australia has to offer, then you might as well do it in luxury. To make your experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, you cant go past a luxury caravan.

The best luxury caravan to buy from Retreat is Whitsunday, which has more luxurious features than any other Retreat caravan model. This truly is a home away from home and takes glamping to a completely new level.

Owning a luxury caravan offers you a convenient, hassle-free way to travel, with all your create comforts of home under one roof, while enjoying the most beautiful destinations of your choice.


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