Flat Stick Furniture

Flat Stick Furniture

Our most modern and stylish interiors, yet!


The interior of the exciting 2022 Retreat range now comes complete with our latest addition – flat stick furniture! Our flat stick furniture is both durable and stylish and is a standard inclusion in the Daydream and ERV models, and is available as an upgrade in the Fraser and Whitsunday models.

This gives the 2022 range an exceptionally modern feel and looks great and is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you take your Retreat caravan.

Flat Stick15
Flat Stick12
Flat Stick9
Flat Stick6
Flat Stick3
Flat Stick14
Flat Stick11
Flat Stick8
Flat Stick5
Flat Stick2
Flat Stick13
Flat Stick10
Flat Stick7
Flat Stick4
Flat Stick1



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