Understanding Your Solar Controller

General Use of the Solar Controller

In most models, the solar controller is located either on the battery board of a front boot model or on the overhead cupboard of a model with no front boot.

It is imperative that you make sure the following displays are working:

  • para12_img1
  • Illuminated Arrow indicating solar is charging the battery.

  • para12_img2
  • If the arrow is not illuminated and the sun is hitting the panels, please check the fuse (as pictured on the left) on the battery board for front boot models or at the battery for models with no front boot.

  • para12_img3
  • Smiley face on the battery indicating the battery has charge.

  • para12_img4
  • Illuminated Arrow Load is turned on for the 12volt appliances of the caravan.

    This button will turn the load on or off for the 12volt appliances.

Retreat recommends that the Load and the Black Isolation Switch be turned on at all times for optimum use.
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