• Tips For Caravan Owner
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  • 1. Switches of Importance upon entry

    In most cases, the switches in the vans have two main setups as shown below. The setup may be different in some models such as the Daydream, Norfolk, Whitehaven, and Bribe because they have additional lights.

    • paraimg1

      1 - 12 volt Isolation Switch
      2 - Stepwell Light Switch
      3 - Annexe Light Over Door
      4 - Annexe Light Rear of Van
      5 - Roof Light White
      6 - Roof Light Blue
    • paraimg2paraimg3

      1 - 12 volt Isolation Switch
      2 - Stepwell Light Switch
      3 - Annexe Light Over Door
      4 - Annexe Light Rear of Van
      5 - Kitchen Pelmet Light
      6 - Roof Light White
      7 - Roof Light Blue
    • paraimg4
    • To ensure that the 12volt Isolation Switch is functional, please switch off the battery protector. The battery protector is located on the battery board of the front boot model, or on the overhead cupboard of a model with no front boot.

      *When switched off, the 12v Isolation Switch will be active. When turned on, the 12v Isolation Switch will be deactivated.

    • paraimg5
    • Prior to traveling, push the blue "PRESS" button to determine whether the Brakesafe battery has sufficient charge. If a green light appears to the right of the "Press" button, you are good to travel. If you see a red light instead, you need to charge the Brakesafe longer. The Brakesafe is located on the Battery Board of a front boot model, or on the offside bedside cupboard of a model with no front boot.

    • paraimg6
    • paraimg7
    • Switch for Electric Step can be found near the entry door.
      (This is directly wired to the battery)
  • 2. Battery Charger - Monitor
    • battery_monitor_img
    • When a Caravan is ordered with 2 or more batteries, Retreat will install a 25amp or 35amp charger. It also comes with a Remote Monitor as seen in the image.

      The Monitor is located in the overhead cupboard and it enables users to turn the charger on or off as well as see the current voltage in the batteries.

      This Monitor will only be installed in a caravan with no front boot.

  • 3. Switches in the Kitchen

    These switches are on the overhead cupboard or next to the Rangehood.

    • para7_img2
    • para7_img1
    • para7_img3
    • Water Pump Switch allows you to utilise the water off the 12volt pump.
    • Gas / Electric Hot Water Service Ignition will only be needed to light the HWS. The red light will be activated if there is a problem.
      *See Hot Water Service Manual
    • Water Level and Battery Gauge Indicators will show how much water is in your tanks and the voltage of the battery respectively.
  • 4. Sound Setup

    These switches are on the overhead cupboard or next to the Rangehood.

    • para8_img1
    • para8_img2

    All models have a multimedia player as a sound / entertainment unit. This unit has the capability to play music via USB, AUX and Bluetooth. This unit can also be used to play DVD. To find out more, please read the User Manual.

    The Switch located in the Overhead Cupboard near the Radio is to activate / deactivate the outside speakers. It is similar to the switch pictured above.

  • 5. Fridge Operation Switches
    • para9_img1
    • Your Fridge Isolation Switch

      Turn this switch on when you’re using your caravan to give your fridge power. When your caravan is in storage, turn this off to eliminate any power being drawn from your house battery.

      This Switch is for the following models: RM8551, AES4605, AES4805.

      Your Fridge Fan Switch

      In some models and upon request, we install a fridge fan, which enables more air to flow behind the fridge. The fan has a thermostat that will be activated when the van is at the right temperature.

  • 6. Fridge Master Fuse
    • para9_img2
    • This fuse will only appear on an AES Fridge

      This fuse can only be found on AES Fridge or Electric Selection fridges. Any fridge without an Electric Selection will not have a Master Fuse; this fuse is located near the batteries.

    • para11_img1
    • para11_img2
  • 7. Understanding Your Solar Controller

    General Use of the Solar Controller

    In most models, the solar controller is located either on the battery board of a front boot model or on the overhead cupboard of a model with no front boot.

    It is imperative that you make sure the following displays are working:

    • para12_img1
    • Illuminated Arrow indicating solar is charging the battery.

    • para12_img2
    • If the arrow is not illuminated and the sun is hitting the panels, please check the fuse (as pictured on the left) on the battery board for front boot models or at the battery for models with no front boot.

    • para12_img3
    • Smiley face on the battery indicating the battery has charge.

    • para12_img4
    • Illuminated Arrow Load is turned on for the 12volt appliances of the caravan.

      This button will turn the load on or off for the 12volt appliances.

    Retreat recommends that the Load and the Black Isolation Switch be turned on at all times for optimum use.
  • 8. TV Operation

    To ensure uninterrupted television viewing, please follow these instructions:

    electrical plugs

    Ensure your grey aerial is connected here and at the back of your TV.

    Ensure your 12volt charger is plugged in to make sure that the TV doesn't run out of power.

    Ensure the visual RCA cable is plugged in the Winegard as well as in your TV (Yellow RCA Insert) to be able to use the DVD option thru your Radio Unit over the Kitchen Bench.

    Please note the RCA in the Winegard point may vary in colour.

    Adjust Winegard for best reception.

  • 9. Hot Water Service – 240 Power Only

    Internal 240 Power Lead

    • para14_img
    • Ensure the 240 Power Lead is plugged into and turned on at the power point in the area behind the ensuite draws.

      *Some models may have the Hot Water Unit in different locations. In the Daydream and the Magnetic models, they are located under the bedroom robe. Models with only a tunnel boot and no front boot will have the Hot Water Service Under the café seat.

  • 10. 12VLT Circuit Breaker

    Our caravans have a self-resetting 12vlt circuit breaker; the items below are attributed to the left hand number of the particular circuit.

    • para15_img
    • 1 - 12volt Lights Doorside and Front
      2 - 12 Volt Lights Offside
      3 - Rangehood, Oven/Grill, Sink Light
      4 - Water Pump, Toilet, Hot Water Service
      5 - Radio, Winegard, 12vlt USB Socket
      6 - Brakesafe
      9 - Exterior 12volt Socket

    7, 8, 10, 11, 12 = Spare Circuits Used For Extras
    Extras May Include: Extra Water Pump, Extra 12vlt Sockets, Extra 12vlt Appliances


  • 11. Ensuite Caravan Toilet Operation
    • para16_img1
    • para16_img2
    • Light to indicate toilet cartridge is full

      Blue Button on top of toilet

      Ensure the water pump is turned on and press the blue button to allow water into the toilet bowl. Please only fill as much as you need; overfilling may cause the water to splash up when flushing.

    • Flushing Lever

      Slide the flushing lever once you are finished and this will deliver the waste to the toilet cartridge.

    *Some models may have a different toilet setup. For more info, please contact your dealership.