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September 06, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Why Do Australians Like To Travel With Caravans So Much?

Do you like spending time in the great outdoors? If you’re like most Australians, you will most likely take a caravan when you explore our beautiful country. Let’s look into this a bit further.

Recent statistics released by the Tourism Research Australia indicates that the year ending 2018 experienced immense growth for overnight caravan, camping, and RV trips – overnight trips – reaching 12.3 million. Caravanning and camping reached 52.8 million nights, a record.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s Peter Clay reckons that the number of trips taken by the age group 20 to 29 was over 2.2 million trips, a 22% increase.

The 30 to 54 years age bracket took 5.7 million trips, and the 55+ years age bracket took 3.6 million trips.

As you can appreciate, overnight trips are becoming increasingly more popular with more and more Australians taking up the opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of Australia.

And a large portion of explorers is using caravans in their big lap around the continent.

So, why are caravans so popular with explorers? There many reasons for the enduring popularity of caravans, including:

  • Ample variety to suit individual household needs
  • They are self-contained homes on wheels
  • Caravans offer an affordable way to explore the Australian continent
  • They offer plenty of space and organisation
  • They are used for the Outback

#1. Caravans Are Available In A Variety Of Sizes And Types

As you can see from our range of caravans, there is a wide selection of caravans at your disposal.

Our products are categorised in small/compact, touring, semi off-road, luxury, and off-road caravans.

Whatever your idea of travelling is, there is caravan designed, engineered, and crafted to meet your needs and wants.

If you’re going to explore the Outback, the off-road caravans will suit your needs. If you prioritise comfort, then one of our luxury caravans will suite you best.

#2. Caravans Offer All The Creature Comforts You Need – The Are Self-Contained Homes

While campers and campervans do allow you to travel with some modern amenities, the caravan is designed to be a self-contained home on wheels.

This means it has all the creature comforts that you have in your house. From a bathroom, beds, kitchenette, toilet, to a dining table, you get to travel with your home wherever you go.

If you opt for the luxury range of caravans you get an even more comprehensive range of creature comforts so you can travel and explore Australia in style.

#3. They Offer A Cost-Effective Means Of Exploring Australia

Using a caravan is the most cost-effective of exploring the wider region.

You get access to a wide range of low-cost camper sites, and you travel with the amenities you need in your caravan. This reduces the cost of accommodation enormously.

Accommodation costs can present a considerable challenge, especially when you travel for long periods.

Most importantly, using a caravan ensures you have some accommodation with you no matter where are on this continent.

#4. Caravans Are Designed For Off-Roading

Caravans are designed to take on less than perfect roads. Exploring the breadth and depth of the Australian continent will entail taking on roads less travelled.

With the off-road and the semi off-road caravans, you need not worry about the suitability of your vehicle.

Semi off-road and off-road caravans are designed to take on rough unpaved roads, giving you access to some hidden gems in the form of secluded camper and caravans sites.

You get a chance of exploring the beauty of the Australian wilderness and enjoy nature by being with nature.

All the while, the caravans ensure you still have access to modern amenities that we have grown used to, and we love.

There are plenty of benefits to accrue from travelling around with a caravan.

Not only do you get to enjoy the beauty of Australia from coast to coast, but you also travel with convenient and comfortable accommodation.

There are very few comparable travel and accommodation solutions to the good ole Aussie caravan.

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