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What Should a Good Camping Site Contain?

Do you like camping in the great outdoors of our glorious country? It can be a very liberating experience but finding a good campsite is critical. Let’s take a look now at what to look for in a good campsite.

One of the best things about heading out camping or caravaning is being able to just get out there and enjoy yourself, without staying at a specific hotel or obeying the curfew schedule of a bed and breakfast.

Of course, you will still need to stop at a campsite eventually, staying on a highway rest spot isn’t exactly “living the off-road life”, and you will need to pause and enjoy the scenery from time to time.

The campsites that you choose to stop at can make or break your holidays. Find a good campsite and it will become a part of a treasured memory.

Find a bad campsite and it could leave you tired, stressed and grumpy. Not a good start to your holiday!

What Sort of Site Should You Choose?

A lot of people, novice campers, in particular, look for sites with a lot of amenities – play parks, gift shops, a pool, a cafe, entertainment for the kids, etc.

Things like showers and a shared kitchen also sometimes figure on the list.

While this can be handy if you’re staying in a tent for the very first time, if you’re heading out in an RV or luxury caravan there’s not really any need for all those amenities.

You have everything you need in the van. The problem with large campsites is that they tend to be crowded.

They attract everything from families to young revellers, and they are as far removed from the idea of “getting close to nature” as you can get.

They are impersonal, crowded, and have a lot of rules that are intended to keep everyone safe, but often end up being enforced without the application of common sense.

The Case for Smaller Sites

Smaller sites can often provide visitors with a much better experience. A good campsite should contain:

  • Clear, level, appropriately sized pitches that can accommodate your van
  • Optional hook-ups for electricity or other amenities
  • Water taps/pumps
  • Public toilets/showers for emergencies
  • Security on site
  • Public phone booths for emergencies (some areas don’t have reliable mobile phone coverage)

Of course, there are some ‘nice to have’ features too:

  • Great views
  • Somewhere for the kids to play
  • Spots that are safe for campfires
  • No lights at night, so you can stargaze properly
  • A store to pick up supplies, often locally produced/harvested

Smaller sites tend to be less expensive, less crowded, and occupied by people who are more into the authentic side of camping than the ‘getting drunk’ side of things.

This means they’re great for families with older kids who want to go fishing or do the ‘outdoor/survival’ experience, and they’re a good choice for solo travellers and those who are looking to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Your touring caravan should have everything you need for those moments where you want to enjoy the feel of civilisation.

For the rest of the time, you want stunning scenery, tranquil views, and easy access to walking paths and outdoor activities.

That’s the joy of RVs and caravans. They let you go where you want and enjoy the activities that suit you best.

Finding a good camping site makes that even better, allowing you to avoid the crowds and retire into a peaceful spot when the mood strikes.

There are hundreds of campsites all over Australia, from beach-side sites to ones out in the bush.

This means that you can enjoy a camping holiday that is tailored to your tastes, going where you please and going fishing, making campfires, going surfing, or just out on a wildlife spotting trip.

You can be self-sufficient, or do it the glamorous way. The choice is yours.

If you are thinking about camping anywhere in Australia, then there is no better way to do this than with your very own caravan.

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