What Are The Pros And Cons Of Caravan Parks?
June 20, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Caravan Parks?

Caravan parks are common settlement areas for explorers and campers where caravans are parked and used for shelter while on holiday.

Caravan parks can also be occupied by retirees who love to travel and are looking around for smaller and friendlier places to spend time.

Most explorers like having a mobile holiday home as they can set it up anywhere they travel.

Living in a caravan park, however, is a decision that requires careful consideration as there are several pros and cons.

Travellers fancy the idea of settling in caravan parks for several reasons. These include:

  • A caravan park is a home away from home
  • Perfect location for holidays
  • Easy to access
  • Guarantees family time
  • Secure and social community.

Caravan parks also have their downsides. Some of these include:

  • Increased responsibility
  • Lack of soundproofing for caravan homes may result in a noisy caravan park
  • Payment for ground rates.

Pros Of Caravan Parks

1. Home Away From Home

A caravan park is a home away from home.

It’s a place from which you can run all your activities while on tour and also lead a normal life as if you were in a permanent home.

What’s more, you are able to make memories with family and friends in the caravan park.

You also get to meet locals and explore some of the more popular and beautiful sites in the area.

2. Perfect Location For Holidays

Whether you are on a tour or a holiday with your family or a group of friends, caravan parks are arguably the best settlement places.

By choosing a place you’d like to visit beforehand, you can look for nearby caravan park sites to set up your caravan home.

Since there are probably other like-minded explorers around, caravan parks are also ideal places to meet new friends and make your visit more enjoyable.

3. Easy To Access

Most caravan parks are open for business all year round, although some may close for Christmas.

This eliminates the worry of booking, spending extra money, avoiding peak seasons, or putting up with the hassles of organising a trip.

4. Family Time

Whenever you are travelling as a family, you are bound to spend more time together and spending your holiday in a caravan park guarantees such family time.

Since you also make new friends, there are always people to talk to whenever you have something to share.

Whether you are on a romantic getaway with your partner or a fun holiday with your family, caravan parks are ideal for spending time together.

5. Secure And Social Spots

Caravan parks are mainly occupied by explorers, whose goal is to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Having people with the same goal in caravan parks makes them not only social places but also secure since you have someone to watch your back.

Cons of Caravan Parks

1. Increased Responsibility

Living in a caravan park comes with a heightened deal of responsibility.

You have to ensure that you understand the rules regarding the maintenance and upkeep of your caravan site while on holiday.

2. Potentially Noisy Environment

Most caravans are not entirely sound-proof. As such, caravan parks can sometimes get noisy which isn’t ideal if you are looking for some serenity.

The large number of people in a caravan park may also contribute to the noise levels of the park.

3. Payment Of Ground Rates

Caravan parks are not expensive to live in. However, the accumulation of ground rates may eat into your budget, which is not ideal for most explorers.

These rates often go up during peak seasons when there are plenty of explorers looking for caravan parks.

Caravan parks are ideal spots to set up a caravan home when on tour. It is a perfect place for meeting new friends and locals as well as spending time with family.

However, caravan parks present a few challenges such as increased responsibilities and noise.

Accumulation of ground charges may also be another downside to caravan parks since most travellers are looking to cut down on expenses when on holiday.

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