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April 28, 2021 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

What Are The Benefits Of Reversing Cameras?

Are you planning to purchase your very own home-on-wheels? However, are you worried about parking and manoeuvring it around? If so, worry no more as there is one solution for you: a reversing camera!

Reversing cameras are one of the automotive industry’s most useful gadgets. They can help to reduce accidents, make hookups to caravans much easier, and save stress! 

Now you might be wondering: how do reverse cameras work, and what are the benefits? If you would like to learn more about reversing cameras, please continue reading below as we check out the following:

  • How do reversing cameras work?
  • What are the practical benefits of a reversing camera?

How Do Reversing Cameras Work?

A reversing camera is a closed-circuit TV or CCTV camera mounted on the rear side of the vehicle. It has a viewing screen mounted on the dash so that drivers can see what is behind their vehicle and expose blind spots so that they don’t have to turn around to take a look.

Reversing cameras are great tools to increase a driver’s control and visibility. When you are driving a vehicle forward, there are no problems as you can see everything in front of you. However, reversing a vehicle, particularly with a caravan, presents a number of different challenges and can be quite dangerous.

The good news is that with a reversing camera, your vision won’t be restricted and blind spots can be eliminated. By having a camera mounted on the back of your vehicle, a video is projected on your monitor to show what’s behind you and give you a better idea of the surroundings and what obstacles may be in the way.

What Benefits  Reversing Cameras

What Are The Practical Benefits Of A Reversing Camera?

The practical benefits of a reversing camera can be narrowed down into six important points. Here they are below:

1). Reversing Cameras Reduce Risks Of Vehicle Damage

When reversing your caravan, it can be really challenging to get a comprehensive view of what’s behind your vehicle. Because of this, your vehicle is more prone to greater risks of damage such as bumps or scratches on your paint job. 

With a reversing camera, you’ll be able to eliminate this risk by gaining a better vantage point and a clearer view of your surroundings when you park your caravan. This means you will be able to avoid objects that can potentially damage your vehicle.

2). Reversing Cameras Help Prevent Unnecessary Expenses

When you have a damaged car or caravan, you not only have to deal with the disappointment, but you also have to deal with costly expenses. With a reversing camera, you can not only avoid damage to your vehicle but prevent having to shell out more money for unexpected repairs, damage and even insurance claims.

3). Reversing Cameras Make Driving Large Vehicles Easier

Driving larger vehicles like trucks, vans, and caravans is not easy. In fact, it makes parking and reversing much more challenging. However, a reversing camera can help you judge more accurately the distance between your vehicle and surrounding objects, saving you a lot of time and effort. 

4). Reversing Cameras Prevent Injuries

This is perhaps the most important advantage of a reversing camera. Because a reversing camera gives you a better view of the surroundings of your vehicle, you reduce the risk of bumping into objects and causing an accident or injuries. With caravan parks full of children playing and having fun, the last thing you want is to reverse into a child or a group of children.

What Benefits Reversing Cameras

5). Reversing Cameras Are Ergonomic

Reversing cameras allow you to avoid twisting and turning your neck at uncomfortable angles. With an ergonomically friendly reversing camera, you can quickly reverse your vehicle all while facing forward. 

6). Reversing Cameras Provide Good Evidence

If you find yourself in an accident where a driver runs into your vehicle from behind, you will have evidence of this accident to show the police or insurance company. This is especially helpful as some drivers are known to flee the scene of an accident if possible.

Final Thoughts

Reversing cameras not only provide convenience, but they can save you a lot of time and money in repairing unexpected damages. 

At Retreat Caravans, all our models come with a reversing camera and monitor as standard features, which gives you added protection and peace of mind every time you reverse your pride and joy.

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