Ultimate Beach Camping Guide
November 25, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

The Ultimate Guide To Camping By The Beach

Are you planning to camp at the beach in Australia? If so, this article will teach you all you need to know about camping by the beach for maximum fun.

Most people like the idea of going to the beach while some like the idea of camping. Some people love doing both at the same time.

That’s why camping at the beach has become so popular across Australia. This guide will help you maximise your beachfront camping experience.

  • Choosing the best beachfront camping site
  • Taking the right equipment
  • Picking the right tent
  • Staying safe at the beach

Choosing The Best Beachfront Camping Site

Camping on the beach can be a lot of fun when you know how to find the best beachfront camping site.

Camping at the beach in Australia is quite similar to camping in the bush. However, there are a few notable differences when camping at the beach.

You won’t have the protection of large trees and it might be difficult to find privacy like you can in the bush.

The first thing is to find a park that allows beach camping. Most of the parks will have designated campsites that face the beach.

Once you choose the right campsite at the beach, it’s important to select the best spot for camping.

Avoid setting up your campsite near the shoreline. Waking up in the morning covered in water isn’t fun. That’s why you need to choose a spot away from the shoreline.

Also, be careful when setting up your campsite near trees. This can be a safety hazard for you and your family should a branch break off due to wind.

Taking The Right Equipment

The right camping equipment is important to make your camping trip a success. You should include sleeping bags or anything that will keep you warm in your camping gear.

Most camping locations tend to become cold during the night even in summer. A quality travel pillow is also important to keep you comfortable during the camping trip.

Some of the other items you need to include in the camping gear are tents and supplementary parts, lighting equipment, backpacks, sand-repellent towels, chairs to relax, and an umbrella for shade.

Picking The Right Tent

A tent is the ultimate piece of camping equipment that will make your camping trip that much more enjoyable. Beach tents tend to be lighter than their forest counterparts.

They are easier to fit and set up compared to forest tents. Beach tents vary depending on their sizes.

Family tents are made of sturdier materials and are bigger than the other types of tents. They will protect you and your family from the sunlight.

Closed-bottom tents are the best option to keep sand away from your belongings.

However, it has its drawbacks if you go in and out of the tent a lot as sand will pile up inside the tent and cause a mess.

An open-bottom tent is ideal for someone who loves the intensity of camping at the beach.

You can just lie on the sand and experience the beach when you opt for an open-bottom tent. A good beach tent receives ventilation through screens that allow fresh air to pass.

These are some factors to consider when choosing the right tent for your camping trip.

Staying Safe At The Beach

The most important thing is to check the weather before you plan your beach camping trip and make sure you choose the right spot for setting up your tent.

Make sure you’re not too close to the shore when choosing the perfect spot to set up your tent. Keep electronic gadgets in a sealed bag and never swim after consuming alcohol.

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit with your camping gear.

These are important things to consider to stay safe at the beach.

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