Two Minutes With Tilly Featuring Kurt
December 04, 2022 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Two Minutes with Tilly featuring Kurt

Tilly: Welcome to another episode of Two Minutes with Tilly. Today I’m joined by Kurt from RV upholstery. Kurt, how are you buddy?

Kurt: I’m good Till, how are you mate?

Tilly: I am sensational.

Kurt: That’s good.

Tilly: Now, for a lot of the people that don’t know who you are and probably don’t know who I am, really, but explain to them who you are and what you do for retreat caravans.

Kurt: We do all the upholstery for caravans. We do the upholstery for retreat caravans, which involves all the soft furnishings for the inside of the vans. Kids bunks, lounges, headrests, logos, parliaments, curtains.

Tilly: The whole kit and caboodle.

Kurt: That’s it.

Tilly: Even those sexy little, what do they call the bedhead with all the fantastic stitching and all that sort of stuff.

Kurt: Yep, yep.

Tilly: You’ve been in the RV upholstery industry for a long time. How long have you actually been in our industry for?

Kurt: We’ve been manufacturing now, November be 10 years.

Tilly: 10 years?

Kurt: 10 years in November.

Tilly: So is there a party coming up, Kurt?

Kurt: Hope so.

Tilly: Yeah, I hope so, too. Don’t forget me for an invite.

Kurt: There’ll be a party coming up.

Tilly: I reckon it should be at the Jackpot Bar.

Kurt: Oh, I don’t know about the Jackpot Bar.

Tilly: That’s a separate conversation. We’ll have that maybe later on, eh?

Kurt: Maybe Mackers. See how we go.

Tilly: Mackers?

Kurt: Yeah.

Tilly: Wow, times are tough. Other than being in the manufacturing of RV upholstery for the last 10 or so years, tell us a little bit about you that only your friends would know.

Kurt: I’ll hit you with this one, Till. Probably-

Tilly: Please don’t hit me.

Kurt: There’s only a certain amount of friends know probably my background.

Tilly: Okay, talk to me.

Kurt: My background’s Indian.

Tilly: Is it really?

Kurt: It is mate. Yeah.

Tilly: Wow. I know how to swear in Indian. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that. I know how to swear in Indian.

Kurt: I don’t know how to swear in Indian. A lot of people think I’m an Aussie, but background’s Indian.

Tilly: Well, I won’t say your surname live on Facebook or Instagram, wherever you’re watching. But it’s definitely not an Indian surname, obviously.

Kurt: No, it’s Anglo Indian. Christian.

Tilly: Anglo Indian. Okay, cool. Do you know how to speak it at all?

Kurt: Not at all, mate.

Tilly: Not even one word?

Kurt: Not at all.

Tilly: Okay, fair enough. Do you know who my favourite Indian singer is?

Kurt: Tommy Till.

Tilly: Either Punjabi Mc or Daler Mehndi. For all our Indian fans out there. All right, Kurt, so I’m going to ask you a famous question now. If you had to get a famous person, be it a celebrity past or present, or just a friend, who would you take out to dinner and why?

Kurt: Till, I’d probably take you.

Tilly: Here we go. Why would you take me out?

Kurt: The way I think of it, I reckon you’re royalty, and I’ll take you out for dinner.

Tilly: Just so we can set the record straight. I did not pay you to say that and I’m sure there’s a lot more people in front of me that you should take out.

Kurt: I’ll reckon I’ll take you, Till. You’re royalty here in [inaudible 00:02:28].

Tilly: Where would we go out of curiosity?

Kurt: Let’s smash the Jackpot Bar for a few drinks. Take you to Groove Bar for a few dances, mate.

Tilly: Tell me about the Groove Bar.

Kurt: Ah, it goes all right.

Tilly: It goes all right.

Kurt: A few oldies there, it goes good.

Tilly: Fair enough.

Kurt: Yeah, it’s good.

Tilly: Fair enough. How old do you reckon I am, Kurt?

Kurt: 42.

Tilly: Wow. I must look really, really old buddy. I’m only 40, just turned 40.

Kurt: There you go.

Tilly: Jackpot Bar, mate. Listen Kurt, I’ll be on it to go for dinner with you, but the jackpot’s right here mate. Actually, having a chat with you.

Kurt: Thanks, buddy.

Tilly: Thank you very much. I feel very honoured.

Kurt: Not a problem, Till.

Tilly: I was thinking, you know, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, maybe even John Elward, you know, potentially. But no, don’t worry about all those guys. Tilly.

Kurt: Tilly. A hundred percent.

Tilly: Now, Kurt, apparently when you say hello or goodbye to people, you’ve got a very unique handshake. I’m going to shake your hand, but can you do me a favour this time? Try not to rip it off.

Kurt: Done deal.

Tilly: Yeah? Let’s go.

Kurt: Not a problem. Done deal.

Tilly: All right, now Kurt, I’m going to give you a present. Maybe you can wear this on our date if you like, but to give you this present, I have to ask a favour.

Kurt: Done deal.

Tilly: Can we have selfie?

Kurt: A hundred percent, Till.

Tilly: Done. There you go, mate.

Kurt: A hundred percent.

Tilly: I stitched it myself, I promise.

Kurt: Perfect.

Tilly: Do you like all the stitching work?

Kurt: Love it.

Tilly: Can you give me a job?

Kurt: Done.

Tilly: Here you go, Kurt.

Kurt: Cheers mate.

Tilly: All right guys, that’s a wrap. We’ve just finished filming Season 4 of Two Minutes with Tilly, and we’re already planning Season 5. We want to do things a little different though, so get in contact with us, all of our social media platforms, send us a video about where you are planning to head to, and we might catch you on a live Zoom with Season 5 of Two Minutes with Tilly.


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