Two Minutes With Tilly Featuring Andrew
November 17, 2022 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Two Minutes with Tilly featuring Andrew

Tilly: Welcome to another episode of 2 Minutes With Tilly. Today, I’m joined by Andrew Hewitt from OzX Corp. Andrew, how are you mate?

Andrew Hewitt: Good, Tilly. Yourself?

Tilly: Fantastic. Thank you very much for joining us.

Andrew Hewitt: That’s no problem.

Tilly: Now, it’s not your first time on camera, mate. I know you’re used to the big screen. Not of Hollywood, of course, maybe of Aussiewood, maybe? You’ve featured in a couple of our videos along our journey and you’ve made a couple of your own. It’s good to see that you’re picking up the tips that I’m giving you.

Andrew Hewitt: Yeah, no, there’s a lot of videos out there now on the tech platform. And no, for sure, we’ve crossed paths a lot because ERV and Retreat are using the OzX Corp platform.

Tilly: Correct. We are using all of the DCX products provided by OzX Corp. And with OzX Corp, Andrew, I see that you guys have, I guess, extended the reach that you’ve got in the caravan industry. NCE is one of your suppliers now, correct?

Andrew Hewitt: Yes. NCE supply to the whole of the Australian-New Zealand market now. So it’s available for all OEMs, to put in for electrification. So NCE is the sales and distributor of our product now, which is great.

Tilly: Beautiful. And how’s it all going at Oz Xcellent?

Andrew Hewitt: Yeah, good. So COVID, as it has for any business, has really knocked us around a little bit. Sort of slowed us down a little bit. But at the same time, allowed us to get the focus right and make sure that DCX is moving along quite nicely and moving quite quickly through NCE into the market.

Tilly: And last time we spoke, I think we were introducing the 7.1 kilowatt battery, which we have got standard in our Daydream model. That’s something that’s available to all the other manufacturers in Australia as well.

Andrew Hewitt: Yeah. So the 14 kilowatter is a very, very big battery. It’s like 1400 amp hours or thereabouts in the 12 volt land. And the 7.1 kilowatter, we wanted sort of like that 650 mark amp hour range for gas, electric, or the people who want a smaller battery or a weight sensitive. So it’s been quite a good little runner in things like Daydream and little hybrid carriers.

Tilly: It’s definitely taken the Daydream to the new level because the people that didn’t want to go all electric because they’re used to cooking with gas or whatever it might be, it just gives them the opportunity, of course, to have the best of both worlds. So, well, thank you very much for bringing that out for all of our customers.

Andrew Hewitt: No problem.

Tilly: All right, so Andrew, last week I had Marcel from Dometic on the 2 Minutes With Tilly segment. And he was talking about one of the famous people he’d like to take out to dinner, was Elon Musk, because he’s one of the leaders in electrification. Now, rumours are that yourself, who I believe is the Aussie Elon Musk, is actually heading to America yourself as well, with OzX Corp, showing the Yanks what OzX have got up their sleeve. Is there any truth to these rumours?

Andrew Hewitt: That’s confidential. No, I can tell you a bit more. So yeah, if you haven’t already read about it now, or seen it, for sure, now we’re launching into North America. So we’ve got our product coming from Australia. So Australia’s been a great test bed. It’s been a great platform where our product has matured. But certainly, the demand out of North America has been substantial. We’ve got a distributor set up, and we’re heading into the OEMs in America for sure.

Tilly: So this little old company that started off just a couple of years ago, OzX Corp, has gone to the giant in America.

Andrew Hewitt: Yes.

Tilly: As my uncle Borat would say, when he went to America, “Very nice.”

Andrew Hewitt: No, it’s a big accolade.

Tilly: Absolutely.

Andrew Hewitt: It’s a big market, so it’s…

Tilly: Absolutely. Well, congratulations to you and all the team at OzX Corp.

Andrew Hewitt: Yeah, no. Thank you.

Tilly: As I mentioned before, Marcel wanted to bring Elon Musk to dinner. Who would you take to dinner, whether they’re past or present, and why?

Andrew Hewitt: Oh geez, probably what I should say first, I should take my wife to dinner because I’m hardly home. I’m always working.

Tilly: That’s a smart point, Andrew.

Andrew Hewitt: So she’s number one first.

Tilly: Yeah. Okay. All right. And if you weren’t taking your wife out, right… Because it is a smart answer… If you weren’t taking your wife out, who else would you take out for the same dinner or potentially a separate type of a dinner?

Andrew Hewitt: Yeah, look it’s a tough question because it, one depends on how hungry you are, but the second part is too… Look, I know it’s cliche, but it’s still Elon Musk. I think at the end of the day, the conversation that you could have with him is quite an open, broad, and very technology-focused solution discussion. So I’m pretty sure…

Tilly: I’d love to be a fly on the wall on that, and literally I would have Google translate ready because I probably wouldn’t understand what you guys were saying.

Andrew Hewitt: No, and that’s a good thing you can sort of unleash with all the geeky stuff and probably he gets it right. Oh, sure he gets it.

Tilly: Well, if you’re in America, try hit him up, see if he answers.

Andrew Hewitt: Yes.

Tilly: I heard he bought Manchester United and then he didn’t.

Andrew Hewitt: So I wanted to go to Fremont Tesla, but it’s closed for public viewing at the moment, so…

Tilly: Is it? Okay. Well, listen, I’ll speak to my cousin who knows this other guy, who knows this guy who used to actually walk someone’s dog, and I think they know Elon. So I’ll see if I can get you in.

Andrew Hewitt: Oh. Perfect.

Tilly: Done. So Andrew, where can people find out more about the 7 kilowatt battery and the rest of the OzX system?

Andrew Hewitt: So the best place to go, there’s two places. You can certainly go to our distributors webpage, so and you can see the product, a quick overview and the retail pricing. So it’s important, it’s the retail pricing, so the estimate. But if you want to look further, certainly our website, so that’s, not .au, but .com, has a good overview of our products, what we’re doing and where our companies are leading to.

Tilly: Beautiful. So to find out more, either visit NCE OzX Corp.

Andrew Hewitt: Yep. Or Facebook or YouTube too.

Tilly: Fantastic. Well, Andrew, I’m going to give you something that’s super innovative and I don’t think you could find this anywhere on the market. Of course, it is a Retreat Caravan beanie with a pompom that I actually attached myself.

So on behalf of Retreat Caravans, mate, in America, we’d like you to keep warm because I hear the weather’s getting colder over there. Thank you very much.

Andrew Hewitt: Thank you.

Tilly: It’s been a pleasure. Now, my man, can we take a selfie?

Andrew Hewitt: Yep, can do.

Tilly: All right guys, that’s a wrap. We’ve just finished filming Season 4 of 2 Minutes With Tilly, and we’re already planning Season 5.

We want to do things a little different though, so get in contact with us, on one of our social media platforms, send us a video about where you’re planning to head to, and we might catch you on a live Zoom with Season 5 of 2 Minutes With Tilly.


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