Two Minutes With Tilly Feat Shantelle
October 24, 2022 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Two Minutes with Tilly Feat Shantelle from Retreat Caravans

Tilly: Welcome to another episode of Two Minutes With Tilly, and today I’ve got a guest appearance with Shantelle from the After Sales Service Department. Shanny, how you going, love?

Shantelle: Good, how are you?

Tilly: I’m excellent. Thank you for asking. I don’t think anyone’s actually asked me so far this season.

Shantelle: I’m a nice person.

Tilly: You are a nice person, contrary to what a lot of people have said about you, but we’ll get into that later on. Now, Shanny, you’re the baby of the group here at Retreat Caravans, I believe. How long have you been here for?

Shantelle: A year and a half, just gone.

Tilly: A year and a half, just gone. Okay. And are you enjoying your role?

Shantelle: Yeah, it’s really good. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Greg, who’s pretty knowledgeable about caravans and stuff.

Tilly: And you’re still enjoying your role after working with Greg?

Shantelle: Yes. Surprisingly, yeah.

Tilly: Okay. How much is he paying on the side?

Shantelle: Secret. Can’t tell everyone.

Tilly: Fair enough. One of those ones. Fair enough. All right, so obviously your role is a very important role because if anyone has an issue with their caravan, as in they don’t know how to use it or something’s not working, yourself and Greg get on the front foot with our dealerships and help them through their journeys. So, do you like, I guess, helping people or hearing the feedback, be it from a dealer or seeing it on social media?

Shantelle: Yeah, 100%. I think it’s definitely important for us to be able to look after our customers and make sure that if there is any issues, that we can fix them and make sure that everyone’s happy.

Tilly: Absolutely, mate. And I think you and some of your team members also do a bit of night work on the Retreat Assist Facebook group as well.

Shantelle: Yes, Greg definitely.

Tilly: So Greg. So we can let the cat out of the bag. Greg is Mr. Retreat Assist, is he?

Shantelle: Yes, he is.

Tilly: Fair enough. All right, Shanny, now famous person question time. If you had to have anyone past or present go out for dinner with you, who would they be and why? And they would pay because I know that you’re on a budget at the moment.

Shantelle: Yeah. I would actually like to go out for dinner with Jordan Peterson.

Tilly: Jordan Peterson?

Shantelle: Do you know who that is?

Tilly: Who’s that? Is it a guy or a girl?

Shantelle: It’s a guy.

Tilly: It’s a guy. Okay.

Shantelle: He’s a Canadian clinical psychologist who’s become very famous, more so lately on YouTube and stuff. So, he does a lot of public speaking.

Tilly: Yep. What interests you about Jordan Peterson?

Shantelle: Well, he’s very intellectual and a lot of the things he talks about is very honest and realistic, just about general things in life. And yeah, I’ve totally blanked.

Tilly: And have you got a famous quote from Jordan Peterson?

Shantelle: No.

Tilly: No? You can do it. I’m sure that’s not Jordan Peterson, but that’s pretty inspirational.

Shantelle: Yeah.

Tilly: Now Shanny, you’ve just come back from leave. I think you were out for a month, is that right?

Shantelle: Correct.

Tilly: And tell us a little about your leave. What did you do?

Shantelle: We drove up to the Blue Mountains and basically lived out of the car and camped for the month, and then just made our way back and traveled along the Murray and just spent some time together.

Tilly: Nice. Living the dream, hey?

Shantelle: Yep.

Tilly: Well, speaking of dreams. Do you know what we’re in the business of? We’re in business of building five star so people like you can go travel and sleep under 5,000 stars.

Shantelle: Beautiful.

Tilly: So you’re only a year and a half in, but when you get to the seven or eight years time, maybe you can get a Retreat Caravan and live that kind of a lifestyle.

Shantelle: Maybe.

Tilly: Hey, nudge, nudge. Billy, mate, start working some overtime. Now I’m sure a lot of people are wondering this, and personally, I want to know as well. How long has it taken you to grow those dreads?

Shantelle: Four and a half years so far, and not planning on getting rid of them any time soon.

Tilly: But you heard about the new company policy, right?

Shantelle: What new company policy?

Tilly: Everyone has to have a haircut like Tilly.

Shantelle: Ha ha, you’re dreaming.

Tilly: Okay, fair enough. Looks like I have to grow dreads.

Shantelle: Yep.

Tilly: No, it’s pretty full on. And obviously they’re easy to maintain, no doubt?

Shantelle: Yeah, I’m not a big girly girl, so this is easy for me to look after and not have to worry about.

Tilly: And can I say, if you’re not a big girly girl, I must feel honored. Because rumor around town is that you put a bit of makeup on today, is that right?

Shantelle: Throw me under the bus why don’t ya.

Tilly: Crashed. Straight in.

Shantelle: Yeah.

Tilly: Now Shantelle, listen, I’m very excited for you joining us here and you took it like a champ when you said, “Yep, I’ll do it. I want to get on this segment.” So on behalf of me, I’d like to give you a present. There is a caveat though, you have to give me a selfie. You ready? Let’s do it.

Shantelle: I love a good selfie.

Tilly: That’s for you.

Shantelle: Thank you.

Tilly: All right. And now, take a look at my camera and give us a selfie.
All right guys, that’s a wrap. We’ve just finished filming Season Four of Two Minutes With Tilly, and we’re already planning Season Five. We want to do things a little different though, so get in contact with us on one of our social media platforms, send us a video about where you’re planning to head to, and we might catch you on a live Zoom with Season Five of Two Minutes With Tilly.


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