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October 27, 2022 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Two Minutes with Tilly Feat Cameron from eTraffic

Tilly: Welcome to another episode of 2 Minutes with Tilly. Today, I’ve got the honour of having Cameron Francis from ETRAFFIC here with me on 2 Minutes with Tilly. Good day, Cam.

Cameron Francis: Good day, Till. How are you?

Tilly: I’m excellent, thank you.

Cameron Francis: That’s good.

Tilly: Now, for everyone that doesn’t know you, because I doubt everyone would actually know who you are, however, you do a lot behind the scenes for Retreat Caravans. I want to give you the opportunity to tell these lovely folk, apart from coming here and drinking all of our coffee, getting smashed in table tennis, pinching everybody’s lighters, eating all the food. What do you do here at Retreat Caravans?

Cameron Francis: You’ve pretty much labelled and outlined everything I do, but other than that I handle all the marketing. So all of the things that you typically say. All the videos that you’re on. All the scripts. All the context.

Tilly: So you’re the Steven Spielberg to my Tom Cruise.

Cameron Francis: I’d like to… Well, Tom Cruise is a little bit over the top, I’d say.

Tilly: Just like me.

Cameron Francis: I’d say I’m the Steven Spielberg to your Steven Seagal.

Tilly: Steven Seagal?

Cameron Francis: Yeah.

Tilly: He’s a very, very good actor.

Cameron Francis: You’re very Seagalish.

Tilly: Under Siege. One of the top ones.

Cameron Francis: Under Siege 2.

Tilly: But you know what? You know what me and Steven Seagal have got in common?

Cameron Francis: Here we go.

Tilly: Hard to Kill.

Cameron Francis: Is that one of his movies?

Tilly: Come on, are you serious? How can you just name an actor and not know his movies?

Cameron Francis: I named an actor that I didn’t know any of their movies.

Tilly: Enough about that. Getting back to our stuff. So Cam, so all these segments, 2 Minutes With Tilly, am I allowed to actually tell everyone about our new segment that’s coming up?

Cameron Francis: Very exciting, Till.

Tilly: So we are soon to launch…

Cameron Francis: OnlyVans.

Tilly: … OnlyVans. So watch out for that. I think we’re even launching… Groundbreaking news. We’re launching a platform on TikTok, is that correct?

Cameron Francis: There’s a lot of things going on as we enter into the ’23 season, 2023. So we’ve got a lot of videos planned, a lot of…

Tilly: Lots of reels on Instagram.

Cameron Francis: Lots of reels. We’ve been reeling for the last three…

Tilly: Reel, reel, reel.

Cameron Francis: Everything’s reels. If you’re not on the reels, then you’re basically invisible.

Tilly: For real, for real.

All right. So Cam, there’s a lot of things launching, like you said, but what’s your favourite thing or the thing that you’re most excited to launch in either the end of 2022 or the start of 2023?

Cameron Francis: Two questions. So I’ll treat it as two. So there’s a lot going on in 2023 that I’m really excited about. Obviously, there’s three off-grid caravans that we’re really taking to market heavily. So we’re mapping out what that 12 months looks like. We’re going to different places. We’re going to be… I don’t want to give too much of it away, but it’s…

Tilly: Yeah, keep a little bit under.

Cameron Francis: … Very, very exciting. But to your first question around what’s been my pride and joy, what I’ve been most happy about actually creating and it’d be this little segment here, Till. You know why?

Tilly: Yeah. Podcast style.

Cameron Francis: Because more than anything people know you as the Two Minute man.

Tilly: Yeah, I know. It’s actually like an enigma that won’t go away, to be honest. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but the only reply I’ve got back to them, it might sound like it’s two minutes, but sometimes it goes longer.

Cameron Francis: Ah, di-dum-dum, tish.

Tilly: Exactly right. Now, Cam, famous question time, right? So if you had to invite anyone, past or present, who is I guess famous or infamous for some reason, out for dinner, who would it be and why?

Cameron Francis: It definitely wouldn’t be you, because you wouldn’t pay.

Tilly: What? Say again?

Cameron Francis: You wouldn’t pay.

Tilly: Would be or wouldn’t be me.

Cameron Francis: It wouldn’t be you because you wouldn’t pay. So I’d be forced to pay.

Tilly: Are you serious? I don’t think you’ve ever paid for anything in your life.

Cameron Francis: Lies. Straight lies.

Tilly: Cameron, vouchers don’t count.

Cameron Francis: This was a tough question. I’d say Alistair Clarkson.

Tilly: Clarko?

Cameron Francis: Clarko.

Tilly: Mate, I’ll tell you what, isn’t that been a little bit of a… What’s it called… A movie in itself in the recent months?

Cameron Francis: You got to get him. He is a champion inspirer of men. So it would be Clarko and…

Tilly: What would you talk about?

Cameron Francis: I couldn’t tell you.

Tilly: Because you don’t know. Seriously? Out of everyone in the world, Clarko.

Cameron Francis: 100%.

Tilly: He’s finished.

Cameron Francis: His the… What are you talking about?

Tilly: He’s finished. He had his race.

Cameron Francis: You would’ve taken him.

Tilly: Voss is boss. Right now.

Cameron Francis: Voss is boss. How’d you go this year?

Tilly: We just didn’t make the finals.

Cameron Francis: I’m pretty sure the only team that was in the top eight for the whole year, except for round 22.

Tilly: Yeah, exactly right. Did you ever make the eight?

Cameron Francis: I’ve been to about five premierships myself.

Tilly: Who do you follow again?

Cameron Francis: Guess. The most successful side of the last 60 years?

Tilly: We’re going back 60 years. But why don’t we just keep going back to when AFL was created?

Cameron Francis: When there was four clubs?

Tilly: Yeah, exactly right. And what a four that was.

Cameron Francis: I go for Hawthorn, just like your boss.

Tilly: We’ll beat you by a point. All right. Now, Cameron, if you were a Retreat Caravan, which one would you be?

Cameron Francis: I’d be the Keppel. It doesn’t exist anymore, but I’d be the Keppel. Just nuggety, hard as a rock.

Tilly: I’ll tell you what, keep it up this way, and you could be the Keppel. We could make you not exist anymore.

Cameron Francis: However. However, number one, it’s got to be the world’s first all-electric caravan.

Tilly: You like the ERV, don’t you?

Cameron Francis: 100%.

Tilly: See, I’m more of a Daydream. I like it both ways. Hey? Da-da-tish. I’m pretty funny, aren’t I? No, that one didn’t work.

Cameron Francis: No, we’re using it though.

Tilly: So it is the week of the Melbourne Cup. Now, I don’t know if you’ve been studying the form guide, can you give us a winner on Melbourne Cup Day?

Cameron Francis: Not a big punter, but I’ve got a feeling that the favorite’s going to get up. So Incentivise is going to take it home by a mile.

Tilly: By a mile?

Cameron Francis: Yeah.

Tilly: Okay. Fair enough. Well, I’ll give you a tip and you can pin this one because it’s never wrong. Back Race 5, number 3.

Cameron Francis: Dud. Never wrong.

Tilly: Cameron, thank you very much for joining us. Now, I do want to take a selfie with you. And someone like you, I know I have to bribe you. So here you go, mate. Here’s your original issue Retreat Caravan…

Cameron Francis: Hang on. Hang on. No, no, no. I don’t want… No, no, no, no.

Tilly: What’s going on here?

Cameron Francis: I’m only going to accept that, Till, unless you got to sign it.

Tilly: Wow. Okay. Fair enough. To Cam.

Cameron Francis: T-I-L-L-Y.

Tilly: Eat it. Love, Tilly.

Cameron Francis: Love it.

Tilly: There you go, mate.

Cameron Francis: Thanks, buddy.

Tilly: Can we take a selfie?

Cameron Francis: Of course.

Tilly: All right guys, that’s a wrap. We’ve just finished filming Season 4 of 2 Minutes With Tilly, and we’re already planning Season 5.

We want to do things a little different though, so get in contact with us on one of our social media platforms. Send us a video about where you’re planning to head to and we might catch you on a live Zoom with Season 5 of 2 Minutes With Tilly.


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