Top 6 Camping Spots Murray River
March 06, 2021 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Top 6 Camping Spots On The Murray River

Are you planning a camping trip soon? It’s been a tough 12 months for most people in Melbourne so now it’s time to get out and leave the city behind!

If you’re looking for the perfect camping spot, then the Murray River has numerous spots for you! The Murray River has some of the best camping spots Australia has to offer with everything from islands and paddle steamers, to fishing and hiking activities.

So if you are planning to visit Australia’s most famous river, we have come up with 6 amazing camping spots for you and the family to visit.

1). Echuca Moama 

Echuca Moama is a town located on the banks of the Murray River. At Echuca Moama, you can enjoy amazing restaurants and live music festivals in the midst of moving rivers, Mediterranean style climate, and ancient river gums that showcase the best that Australia has to offer.

Enjoying the great outdoors is the pride of Echuca Moama, offering exploration activities such as paddle steaming, fishing, bushwalking, and a range of sports and leisure activities such as golfing and canoeing in world-class sporting facilities. 

Echuca Moama is truly a dreamy getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Top 6 Camping Spots Murray River

2). Yarrawonga Holiday Park

Yarrawonga Holiday Park sits on the Murray River and lies just downstream from Yarrawonga Weir, offering you the best of both worlds for your intimate camping getaway. The holiday park features first-class accommodation options ranging from 3 bedroom villas to Riverview Cabins. 

You may also find various facilities such as a splash park, direct access to the Murray River, a playground, and even a camp kitchen and dining area. At Yarrawonga Holiday Park, you are not only able to enjoy nature to its fullest but are also able to enjoy multiple amenities and accommodation options offered by the park.

3). Swamp Hen Reserve 

Swamp Hen Reserve is the perfect place to pull up your caravan on the side of the river for a nice, relaxing, and peaceful getaway.  At Swamp Hen Reserve, you can sit by the river and watch river traffic cruise by. The camping area is free of charge, campfires are allowed, and a kiosk near the ferry crossing offers basic grocery supplies. 

The main attraction at Swamp Hen Reserve is the abundance of birdlife, where you can find swamp hens (of course!), blue wrens, pelicans, whistling kites, and the occasional kookaburra which comes out at dusk and dawn. If you want a quick escape to birdlife-filled nature, Swamp Hen Reserve is perfect for you.

4). Tocumwal 

Tocumwal is a humble town surrounded by a stunning red gum forest. The ideal town for fishing, camping, aerial adventures, and relaxing by the Murray River, the historic town is home to pockets of local stores and heritage sites such as the aerodrome museum.

Closer to town you can find 24 riverside beaches where you can enjoy water activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing. You can also visit the Tocumwal Golf Club to enjoy a 36-hole championship course. However, if you’d just like to relax by the Murray River, you can take a short drive north to visit the Tocumwal Blowhole and the Rocks, a granite outcrop and also an important indigenous site. 

Top 6 Camping Spots Murray River

5). Albury

Albury is a modern and vibrant city situated on the northern banks of the Murray River. It is a popular retail, commercial, and cultural centre for the region that also features a free-spirited lifestyle, rich history and heritage, and various parks, gardens, and greenery. 

Albury is also home to Lake Hume, a popular destination for year-round boating, fishing, camping, sightseeing, and multiple other recreational activities. You can find a wide range of fish species such as golden perch, Murray cod, rainbow trout, brown trout, redfin, and carp. If fishing is an important activity for your camping trip, then Albury’s Lake Hume is the perfect place for you!

6). Gunbower Island

Gunbower Island is Australia’s largest inland island which is located between the Murray River and Gunbower Creek. It is internationally regarded as a significant wetland home to vibrant birdlife, native mammals, and amphibians.

Gunbower Island is a popular bushwalking campground surrounded by River Red Gum and Black Box forest. There are a few beaches, 114 river and 25 creek sites, and various walking trails, some formed with gravel. 

Camping is free, wood barbecues are provided, fishing spots are available in the area, and canoeing and kayaking spots are found at or near the campsite. For a humble getaway, Gunbower Island is definitely the place to go to. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of unforgettable places to visit along the Murray River. With opportunities to fully immerse yourself in nature, you can enjoy a wide range of accommodation packages, facilities, and amenities to enhance your camping experience even further.

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