Preparing For Summer
October 18, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Tips on Summer Preparation For Your Caravan Trip

Summer – a season for that long-planned caravan trip, right? Before that time comes, there’s particularly one vital thing to do – preparing your caravan and readying your essentials for a trip! Read below for more.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newcomer to caravan trips, it is essential to prepare adequately for such trips.

Preparing your caravan and making the necessary arrangements guarantee a memorable and fun-filled trip. Who needs an underwhelming caravan trip anyway?

Here a few tips on how to prepare for your summer caravan trip for a heightened trip experience:

  • Keep your caravan damp-free
  • Check the caravan tyres
  • Check the energy sources
  • Service your caravan
  • Check for available caravan parks
  • Make final preparations

1. Keep Your Caravan Damp-Free

Before the summer season, your caravan may have to stand the harsh cold winter of hibernation.

Even with the proper parking of your caravan, you may have to revisit it in the case where damp areas have appeared.

Damp areas need to be dried and cleaned, lest they cause long-term water damage. Keeping your caravan dry also helps preserve soft furnishings and other materials.

It is also important to check out for cracks on windows or broken seals on doors to prevent leakages.

It is also advisable to air your caravan as a way of preparing for your upcoming caravan trip.

Airing helps eliminate musty smells that may have accumulated during the winter period. Alternatively, you can dehumidify your caravan for a faster drying process.

2. Check The Caravan Tyres

Whenever you are getting ready for a caravan trip, checking the status of your caravan tyres is of utmost importance.

You need tyres that will handle the rough and open road lest you suffer a flat or blown-out tyre which can be dangerous and costly.

Rotating your caravan tyres across the year is one way of keeping them in a good state. It is also advisable to replace the wheels after consecutive long trips.

Keeping your tyres in good condition also helps distribute the caravan’s weight evenly. Apart from their condition, it is also essential to check the tyre pressure.

This way, you can identify slow punctures and work on them. With good air pressure and great condition, you are ready to hit the road for your caravan trip!

3. Check Energy Sources

Going out on a caravan means that you will not have access to power from the grid.

However, caravans fitted with solar panels ensure that campers have access to power for light usages such as charging of gadgets and lighting.

It is important to keep such solar panels well serviced for optimal functioning.

Further, you should ensure that your LPG cylinder is refilled for seamless cooking, heating, and refrigerating.

For a memorable caravan trip, you should have an ample supply of gas to power the various appliances while on the move.

The caravan’s water system should also be functional, so you can have an adequate supply of clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing throughout the trip.

4. Service Your Caravan

After checking the tyre state, it is also important to fine-tune your engine for optimal performance.

Servicing should, therefore, include checking the engine oil levels and replacing worn-out components.

5. Check For Available Caravan Parks

Before setting out on your caravan trip, check for available parks in your intended destination.

Identify those that are free and those that charged. Such information is essential as it helps you avoid unseen charges and expenditure.

6. Make Final Preparations

With a day or two before your trip, check that you have all your spare clothes and personal items packed.

You can also include refreshment and snacks that will keep your company occupied throughout the trip.

Getting your caravan ready for your trip and life in a caravan park is key to a successful and memorable summer.

Servicing, cleaning the interior and exterior, checking the tyre condition, and checking the energy sources are some of the ways to prepare for your upcoming trip and time in a caravan park.

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