tips in buying family caravans
January 09, 2017 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Tips in Buying Your First Family Caravan

Caravanning is a social activity, Thus, it’s best to consult with family members in planning to purchase a caravan.

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First, decide on how the family will utilise the caravan, then choose the models that would meet those needs accordingly.

To do this, ask each family member for a “wish list”. Said list should have columns of  “must have,” and “can do without.” Next, determine your monthly budget for family caravan ownership and stick to it.

Must Have A Nice Idea

But remember, don’t give up a necessity in exchange for a few dollars. This may cause inconvenience later on.

It will also be better to talk to people who already caravan frequently and get some tips; visit local dealers or the local caravan show; peruse a few camping magazines; and don’t forget to check the internet.

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With some patience and diligence, you’re sure to find a number of caravans dealers which offer caravans that suit your needs and budget. Just note that with automobiles, differing prices generally equate to amenities and size.


Make travel more fun with a family caravan  

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Family caravans make travelling more fun and reduce stress, compared to traveling by other modes of transportation like airplanes or buses.

For one, travelers can take the time and visit all the places that arouse their fancy.

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Users of family caravans also have the opportunity to reconnect with family, make up for lost time. With a recreational vehicle, you can be free from the stress resulting from phone calls, emails, and other disturbances.

To fully maximize these advantages, remember to learn how to handle a recreational vehicle can also spell disaster for its users.  Know the basics in using and maintenance.

If you often  travel with family, you might want to consider family caravans with bunks.   Of course, how much you are willing to invest in one is a major consideration.


Family caravans with bunks have additional space that will make travelling more comfortable for a big family.


Family Caravan Financing Information

There are as many ways to finance family caravans. In assessing what’s best for you, focus on the required down payment, interest rates, terms and the legal jargon found in the small print.

The paperwork can be called a “loan application”, “finance application” or “credit application” wherein the lender gets the needed information from you. Take the time to complete this form.

Loan Application

Most caravans lenders will require proof of income and credit information. The interest rate can be all over the board and can be either fixed or variable. If you want a fixed amount for your monthly payment, find a fixed rate loan.

Determine the length of the payment terms. The longer the term, the longer it will take you to acquire equity, which is the part you own. For this, look at your cash flow and how long you usually stay enamored with a particular family caravan. The “term” or length of the loan is usually from 5 to 25 years for most family caravans.

The amount of down payment can depend upon the lender, how much is your equity  (the minimum amount being financed by a lot of lenders at this time is $25,000), the age of the family caravans Australia, what you plan to do with it and where you plan to take it, and can be as low as 10% or as high as 25%. Make sure to check other lenders so you’ll get the best possible rates – and rates that you can afford.

Wrapping Up

Buying your first family caravan is really not easy and when you decide to do so, make sure you are getting the perfect match. It should be able to tick all the boxes in your “wish list” and make all family members happy.

Family caravanning can bring so much fun – if you are able to pick the caravan that can give you freedom, relaxation, peace of mind and luxury that you truly deserve!


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