Guide When Planning Big Lap Australia
January 04, 2020 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

The Ultimate Guide When Planning for the Big Lap in Australia

Are you planning to do the big lap of Australia? if so, there are some things you need to know first. Please continue reading to learn more.

The idea of renting a van, hitting the road and exploring what this great country has to offer is an exciting prospect.

This is a country that has a lot of amazing things to discover and explains why people come from all corners of the world to enjoy Australia’s natural beauty.

You can engage in a wide variety of fun activities in Australia and one of the most famous of these activities is the Big Lap.

Here, we have put together a guide that will help you get this fantastic trip right.

What is the Big Lap?

This refers to the trip taken to go around the edge of the country, travelling through the main highway, which comes to about 14,500 kilometres and connects most of the mainland states and their territorial capitals.

It is regarded as one of the longest national roads in the world.

How Long Does It Take?

14,500 kilometres is very long, but the fact that you are driving through it while enjoying some of the best things different towns have to offer can make it even longer.

You can make this journey in any way you like. Some people decide to take it on in one go, that is to cover the entire distance once.

Others prefer to stage it over a number of years, where they cover a particular section every time they are on holiday.

You can go with a tour company, via road, plane or even bike depending on what you find suitable.

The choice comes down to what the traveller is enthusiastic about during the lap. Some people have tackled it in one month but without enjoying certain attractions on the way.

To get the best experience, most people tackle it in 10 or 12 months.

Choosing the Season

It is crucial to select the best time of the year to take on the Big Lap.

However, Australia experiences different weather patterns across the states and you might be required to plan more prudently if you are to enjoy the trip.

Try and travel through the Northern side of the country during the cold and dry winter months to avoid too much heat and humidity as well as finding some of the roads closed because of floods.

The southern states are best enjoyed during the warmer months.

Packing for the Trip

You will need a lot of water, and I mean a lot. Do not carry a two-litre water bottle and think that you are set.

It is advisable to take at least thirty litres of emergency water as well as four litres per person.

Some of the remote areas stretch for a long way and you will find it hard to get any drinking water there.

You should also carry extra fuel as it can be a long stretch between petrol stations.

You will need a GPS map to guide you through the journey. Always carry an old-fashioned paper map as well since some of the places may not have a good network.

Get a solar charger to help power your devices when there is no access to electricity. Carry solar lanterns and a torch to help you get through the dark.

Fun Points

Sticking to the edge of the continent is a fascinating experience, but you cannot afford to miss some of the best places along the highway. Here are some of them;

  • Kakadu national park.
  • Uluru
  • The Gibb River Road
  • Cape York
  • The Whitsundays
  • Kangaroo Island
  • The Grampians
  • Lake Eyre

The Big Lap of Australia is one of the hottest expeditions in the world, and it should be on your bucket list for a once in a lifetime experience.

You need to plan well for this trip as it is exhaustive but the fun and experience are well worth it.

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