How to Sleep in a Caravan Comfortably during Travel
October 31, 2017 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

How to Sleep in a Caravan Comfortably During Travel?

Indeed travelling is a way of releasing stress and satiate the adventurous streak in you, but often we compromise on the sleep for days at an end, which is certainly not good. Some people also have trouble sleeping in motion.  Caravanning means a lot of driving, and to drive properly, you need to have ample sleep. Sleep regulates energy, mood, and health and helps you to stay fit. Do not dare to skip your sleep timings. Here are some ways to sleep comfortably during travel.

Choose the perfect location

When you are out caravanning, you need to stop at parks/designated locations to spend the night. There could be other campers at the same location, causing loads of chaos, confusion, and chatter, and this could hamper your sleeping patterns. Hence, find a suitable location to park the caravan for the night and catch up on beauty sleep. You can try parking near running water, as the rhythm of the flow can invoke sleep. Moreover, remember to stop at plain grounds and not on slopes or rocky areas as those can cause hindrance to your sleep schedule.

Invest in comfy bedding

Generally, caravans are available with comfortable beds for sound sleep. Double the pleasure by investing in your kind of pillows, mattresses, and blankets (if you are camping in winter). In fact, if you could carry your favourite blanket or cover from home, you could sleep cosily. If you are camping during summer, then either keep your windows open for ventilation or shut them and turn on AC and cool yourself down to sleep.

Cover your eyes and ears

If you are used to sleeping in a completely no-sound zone, you will have a tough time sleeping during the trip. You can keep earplugs and eye masks handy. The earplugs will restrict the external noises, and the eye masks will prevent the headlights of the other cars in the area from bothering you. These items are affordable for anyone.

Eat and drink right

Since you are out on holiday, you might be tempted to try several types of foods but think twice before indulging in them. You have a steering to rotate. Stay away from stimulators like alcohol and caffeine. One can make you numb and drowsy, and the other can turn you into an insomniac, and neither of them is a desirable condition when you are travelling.  Also, keep your food light and eat much before you plan to jump into bed and remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and night.

Follow a routine

Just because you are out to have fun, it does not mean that you will live an undisciplined life. You are in a new place, and your body will take the time to adjust itself.  Maintain a semblance of the routine. For example, if in the home, you brush your teeth, or take a shower or treat yourself with a nice warm cup of milk before sleeping, then try it out while caravanning as well. These actions act as a body clock, reminding the body it is time to sleep.

If you want to have a comforting caravanning experience, do not compromise with your sleep. Snore and rejuvenate!


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