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Six Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Happy

In this time of isolation, it is important to make sure that your kids are always entertained—and what better way than to create fun new activities for them to play all day long!

Here are some creative activities that are sure to keep your kids happy!

1). DIY Flight School

1 DIY Flight School 240x300

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/craft-ideas/g3754/how-to-fold-a-paper-airplane/

Paper aeroplanes are one of the most basic forms of paper art that kids learn. Why not make it more interesting? Create a cool new paper aeroplane game for them!

This is very simple to make. All you have to do is to take a cardboard stand and cut out varying sizes of circles for the aeroplanes to fly through. The smaller the circle, the more points they can get! This game will definitely keep your kids entertained the whole day.

2). DIY Skee Ball Game

2 DIY Skee Ball Game 200x300

Source: https://frugalfun4boys.com/laundry-basket-skee-ball-with-ball-pit-balls//

Are your kids missing the arcade? Well, why not bring the arcade to them? Create a DIY Skee Ball game with some cardboard and a laundry basket!

Create a simple cardboard ramp and place two baskets in front of it. Each basket will determine the number of points your kid can get if they roll a ball into it. This fun activity will keep your kids playing for a long time!

3). Play Dress Up

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Kids love to play dress up games. Whether they want to become a powerful superhero or a favourite movie character, the possibilities to dress up are only limited by their imagination.

So, why not play a dress up game with them! They can dress up as any character they want and you can play along with them. Not only will they have a great time, but they can fuel their creative minds with endless possibilities.

4). DIY Ring Toss

4 DIY Ring Toss 190x300

Source: https://fromabcstoacts.com/ring-toss-circus-game/

Here’s another inexpensive yet fun activity that you and your kids can play together: a DIY Ring Toss!

This game is very easy to recreate because you only need three main materials: paper plates, paper towel rolls, and paint.

First, take as many paper plates as you think is appropriate and cut a hole in the middle. Then, paint each one—make sure that you use vibrant and bright colours!

Next, use a paper plate as a base and vertically attach the paper towel roll on top of it. Then, you’re finished! Try to throw as many rings through the stand as you can!

5). Create A Storytime Fort

5 DIY Fort 300x158

Source: https://www.primroseschools.com/blog/indoor-fort-activity/

If it’s one thing kids love, it’s building forts! Create a fort for your kids where you can read storybooks together.

It’s simple to build a fort—in fact, your kids can help you! Drape blankets on your couch or any high surfaces to make a tent-like structure.

Add as many pillows and blankets inside your fort so that it’s as comfortable as can be. You can be as creative with the fort as you want!

After creating the fort, you’re pretty much finished! Invite your kids inside and read fun interactive stories with them. They’ll definitely love spending quality time with you!

6). Create A DIY Drive-In Theatre
Waiting For The Movie Min 200x300

Source: https://www.notjustahousewife.net/3m-projector-review-and-150-target-giftcard-giveaway/

Movies are another great way to keep your kids entertained. Make movie nights even more fun by creating a DIY Drive-In Theatre!

Fashion old cardboard boxes into cool new cars for your kids. Your kids can have the freedom to decorate their cute little cars in any design that they want! Make sure to provide them with as much decorative materials as they need.

To make it even more interesting, make every movie night have a different theme! For example, one movie night can be about Disney movies and the next movie night can be about a movie series like Toy Story.

The point is: there’s a lot of ways you can add your own twist to these activities so that you can cater to what you are sure makes your kids happy.

It’s important that your kids remain productive yet happy. These five fun activities will make sure that your kids are occupied and having fun for the whole day. Be as creative as you want with your kids! The best part? You can participate in these activities with them too!

The other great thing about some of these activities is that you enjoy them while camping or caravanning in the great outdoors once the countrywide lockdown is over! The kids will love it!


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