Tips to Prevent Caravan Theft
March 24, 2017 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

How to Prevent Caravan Theft

Follow these steps to prevent caravan theft. And in case your rig gets stolen, follow these instructions to facilitate recovery and catch the thieves.   

Experts say there were 500 caravan thefts per year until 2010, but this has decreased to 211 in 2016. Caravan industry members claim the reduction is due to the improved security features in new models of caravans, particularly in having high security thresholds to hold off thieves.

Fortunately, there are now smart deterrents that can prevent thefts and keep thieves away.

What happens when you get robbed?

If you’re new to caravanning, chances are caravan thieves can get away with stealing your caravan. This is because you might not have the vital security features that can keep thieves away easily. If you have been victimised, these are the steps in recovering your lost rig, as you utilise the assistance of the public, police and insurance companies.

Report the Crime.

The Australian police boasts state of the art tracking techniques and methods to find stolen caravans and motor homes easily. If your GPS tracking was enabled, it will be easier to track your van. Immediately call Police on 000, and report that your van has been stolen.  

Ensure that you have a detailed (written) report of the incident, describing circumstances and cost of the rig, when approaching the police. Subsequently, you can add the things that were stolen together with your caravan. You will receive an ‘SDP’ number as well as an Incident Reporting Number shortly after.

Report to Insurer

If you have insured your caravan,  the insurer will walk you through the tedious process of replacing your rig with all its goods.

To claim your insurance, report the incident to the insurer and show them the police report.

This is your first step in having your rig replaced or preparing your claim for insurance money.

Register on the Stolen Caravan Database

Registering your caravan with its specifications, photos and details on a web registry such as is really helpful.

The registry helps spread the word on your lost caravan among the public via TV for caravanners and travelers.

You can also count on an active and highly skilled caravanner community in searching for the caravan.

After registering successfully, you will receive a notification. You can share the listing across social media.


9 Tips to Avoid Thefts when Caravanning in Australia

happy retreat caravaners

From asking the neighbors to keeping an eye on your rig when you go sightseeing to installing wheel nut covers, there are many ways to secure your caravan like a pro!

Caravan thefts can be prevented, if you follow a handful of these tips from seasoned caravanners.

1. Insure your caravan

By registering with an insurer, you can claim a replacement for your lost caravan. Note that caravan insurers provide a guarantee for the rig alone, if you haven’t insured the accessories inside, individually.

2. Wheel Clamps

A secure axle wheel lock clamp is a brilliant way of securing the caravan when you have to leave it unattended. A durable, strong and lightweight accessory, wheel clamps on a caravan should be lock-pick and saw resistant.

Also referred to as wheel nuts, these wheel clamps are excellent in preventing thieves from towing your caravan easily. The visual distraction is also useful whenever you park the rig outside your home. Moreover, the insurer also checks for this when you claim the insurance offer.

3. Tested and Proven Brand

When buying any security accessory such as wheel clamps, you must ensure that it has a label or tag saying ‘Tested’ or ‘Sold Secure,’ which translates to ‘tested prior to selling.’

Trusted brands have exclusive safety and security features to keep thieves away. At Retreat Caravans, we offer models that come with Crimesafe Rounded Entry door!

4. Alarms

A cost-efficient security feature to prevent caravan thefts in Australia, an alarm is part of basic security for caravans.

It can alert you in case of intruder entry. Hence, it’s best to have an internal external sensory alarm in addition to a locking security post.

5. Hitchlock

An efficient, however not a 100% fail-proof way of fitting the coupling, this slows the thieves trying to take the caravan away.  

Hitchlocks take time to get removed, so a thief won’t even try. Plus, it’s a visual deterrent for potential thieves!

6. Tracking Device

If you’re a full-time caravanner, a tracking device is not enough. It’s best to install a tracking kit, that uses a device and reports your caravan’s location, movements and stops via SMS to your mobile.

With this, paste a sticker saying ‘Tracking Device Installed’ to keep thieves away (effective even if you don’t have a tracking device)!

7. Door and Window Lock

In addition to modern safety and security features, installing door plus window locks help in giving 0% leverage for intruders. Door and windows are the gateway for a caravan thief to break into a stranded caravan.

At Retreat, we offer caravan models that come with Crimsafe rounded entry door and additional tracking and state of the art chassis strength.

8. Robust Fitting That is Secure

Secure fittings help prevent caravan thieves from towing your vehicle. A dislodged caravan is the first sign of a poor fitting on your caravan. It might stop the thieves, but not your wallet from emptying on repairs!

9. Keep Photos of Your Rig

Preparation is the key to staying ahead of caravan thieves. Have photos and description of your caravan handy in finding your lost rig, just in case. Have high definition photos of your rig from the exterior as well as interior. Moreover, never  leave and store the caravan’s important documents.

Both of the above can assist you greatly in emergencies and it will make it easier to find the thieves.

In addition to the above tips, you must also install sensors and CCTV cameras that can broadcast the location and data of your rig efficiently.



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