How Save Money On Next Road Trip
January 25, 2021 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

How To Save Money On Your Next Road Trip

Going on a road trip is one of Australia’s most favourite past times. However, if you plan to go on a road trip that is quite lengthy or you plan to take a dedicated vacation, expenses can build up so the need to save money becomes a serious priority.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about how to save money on your next road trip, then please take a look at our tips that will allow you to enjoy a memorable road trip that won’t leave your bank account empty afterwards.

1). Create A Budget Plan And Stick To It

Of course, budget plans are one of the primary ways to save money when it comes to anything. Budget plans can help you predict how much you will be shelling out for expenses related to fuel, food, emergency funds, and more. 

More importantly, a budget plan will help prevent overspending and allow you to keep track of your finances. Make sure to include a budget for unforeseen costs!

2). Bring Your Own Snacks And Meals

More often than not, it is much cheaper to make your own food than it is to purchase food outside. As such, consider bringing your own snacks and making your own meals on your next road trip.

The great thing about this idea is that you can be as flexible and creative with your food as possible. Food doesn’t have to be boring – there are plenty of enticing recipes that can help elevate your road trip experience.

How Save Money On Next Road Trip

3). Cook On Free Public Barbecues

Related to the previous tip, cooking on free public barbecues is incredibly helpful for your budget. This can help you save a lot from dining out. You can purchase cheap, easy to cook meals from the grocery store, bring along cooking gear, and have dinner at a scenic spot in the barbecue area. Make sure you do your research and plan ahead to try and find places with barbecue facilities.

4). Look For Cheap Campsites Or Caravan Parks

Cheap accommodation is another way to save money on your next road trip. Some ways you can get the best value accommodation is by booking ahead of time, comparing different sites, researching to avoid overpaying, and seeking alternative accommodation options such as staying at an eco-farm. 

5). Have Your Car Tuned Up And Checked

Before embarking on your road trip, make sure to get your car checked. If your car happens to break down in the middle of nowhere, then you can be in a lot of trouble. As such, check your car beforehand to ensure there are no major issues. For example, make sure your tyres are inflated and that your oil level is where it should be. 

This is especially important because there are not a lot of services available in between towns in Australia. Breaking down is not just expensive but dangerous as well.

How Save Money On Next Road Trip

6). Camp At Free Sites And Rest Stops

In most places in Australia, it can be illegal to sleep in your car or camp in public spaces. Therefore, make sure to camp at free campsites and roadside stops along Australian highways. Basic campsites are rarely expensive and can save you much more money than checking into a hotel or hostel. 

You can learn more about free camping sites at tourism offices. Online resources also include Free Camping Australia or WikiCamps.

7). Map Out Your Route

Mapping out your route not only allows you to reach your destination in the shortest time possible but to help save money on petrol. It is also helpful to check state and/or local websites for possible road closures, roadworks, or road congestion. Sometimes a longer route can actually be quicker if main roads are very congested.

Make sure to note down rest stops that you may need to take advantage of on your trip. It will also be helpful to take note of rest stops that have toilet facilities. Make sure to bring a roll of toilet paper with you!


Going on a road trip does not have to be a heavy burden on your finances. There are plenty of savvy practices you can employ in order to stay within budget and save a few dollars here and there. We hope these tips will help you to not only save money but also enjoy your next big road trip.

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