Camping Australia Festive Season
December 19, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

A Guide to Camping in Australia for the Festive Season

Are you thinking of going camping over the festive season? Before you take off for the great outdoors, please read our guide below.

The festive season is approaching, and you probably have a line up of fun activities to partake in this year.

If you have never been camping in Australia, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

Australia is one of the best camping destinations in the world and is full of so many fun activities that you will never get bored.

However, it is vital to understand a couple of things before embarking on your camping trip in to ensure that you make the right choices and enjoy your festive season fully.

Reasons to go Camping in Australia

One of the main reasons to camp in Australia is that it is cheap. Australia might be expensive, but camping is cheap or even free in most cases.

While you will need to invest a small amount in the initial equipment, the general camping costs are affordable.

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with some of the most serene camping spots and a wide variety of physical features such as rivers and mountains that make the whole experience intriguing.

You will get the chance to interact with the locals and experience a more laid back version of Australia compared to the hustle and bustle of the capital cities and big town.

Camping allows you to interact freely with the locals instead of being stuck in a hotel room.

Picking your Timelines

People assume that Australia is hot all year long. It gets cold some months of the year, and it is good to know the seasons well if you are to go camping.

The seasons here are flipped when compared to Europe with summer being between December and February.

The festive season experiences hot temperatures, but remember that Australia is a huge country and some of the climates may vary across the states.

Luckily, the festive season falls right into summer, but it’s always best to confirm the weather forecast to ensure your camping experience is more enjoyable.

Picking your Desired Camping Locations

Australia is big, and all the eight states (well, 6 states and 2 territories) offer a different experience for campers.

Therefore, jump onto Google and check out what each state offers before choosing the most suitable option based on what you are looking for.

New South Wales

This is the most populated state and one of the best ones for free camping.

There are many camping grounds, and you can find the best ones in Sydney, Byron Bay, Jervis Bay, and Eden among others.


Victoria offers some of the most impressive beach camping sites for visitors. The Great Ocean Road is arguably the best scenic highway in the country.

You can also choose to camp beside the wine-producing Yarra Valley or enjoy the fantastic landscape of the Wilsons Prom.


Queensland is known for its warm and sunny climate, white sand and blue seas.

You can indulge in some snorkelling as part of your camping expedition or go to Green Island for turtle spotting and relaxing scenery.

It hosts the amazing Springbrook National park that offers a wide variety of camping activities.

Western Australia

WA takes a considerable chunk of the whole country but has the fewest people. If you want to really get away from civilization and get lost in the wilderness, head to Western Australia.

South Australia

South Australia is called the wine country based on the numerous wineries in this peaceful state.

You can enjoy visits to over 50 wineries in the region and enjoy the fantastic seafood that is available.


Australia has a wide variety of camping activities, and it would literally take you years to explore the whole country.

If you are planning on going camping during the festive reason, make sure you do your homework thoroughly and pick a site that suits your preferences.

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