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May 14, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Fun in the Sun: The Sun is our Gold!

You can have so much fun when you go off the grid for a while. There is an amazing sense of freedom when you’re disconnected from civilisation.

Our team began this week with a battery charge of only 56%.

There have been some clouds lurking around on the edge of the desert but we have mostly been blessed with fabulous sunlight.

The crew started this week off in Laverton. Prospecting for gold is such a passion for our crew luckily this week we found 11 pieces of gold!

Considering our metal detector needed some running repairs, this was a fantastic result!

The van itself also needed some minor repairs too, so that was done while basking away in the warm sunshine.

John was also able to fine-tune and update the test van to enhance its liveability.

He put in some new rails in the van’s shower and installed both side cupboards for the bedroom.

These are just some of the mods that make RV travel feel more like home and add that extra layer of comfort.

Another thing that we needed to take a look at and fix was the problem of the dust that kept coming in through the step.

The front panel of the refrigerator was also secured more tightly.

John was also able to fit and experiment with Cel-fi GO. In years gone by we couldn’t get a signal however this time around, we got the Cel-fi GO to work perfectly.

This makes it even easier for remote travellers to remain connected on the go.

Our gold prospecting attempts in the outback this week went very well with gorgeous sunshine beating down on us every day.

We were able to uncover some gold which was a real bonus and the atmosphere was a lot more peaceful and relaxed without the generator running the whole time.

Make sure to check in for more updates as we wind our way through WA on our electric caravan journey.

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