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July 28, 2016 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Family Caravans With Bunks Give Comfort To Your Holiday

There is an old perception that caravans are cold and unpleasant aluminum shells without any luxury whatsoever. This is a common misconception.

Family caravans with bunks are now so luxurious and comfortable that the journey has become as enjoyable as the holiday destination.

The sheer popularity of camping and caravanning has made many caravan manufacturers rethink the design of caravans. Most family caravans available today have been pimped with the latest tech befitting all family sizes.

Why Choose Family Caravans With Bunks?

If you have kids, a family caravan with bunks and ensuite should be your first choice. This type of caravan offers more space than the conventional caravan.

  • Most of them have an extra sleeping area over the cab.

  • Family caravans that come with bunks and ensuite are more luxurious.

  • They have the most ideal home away from home setting.

  • They offer more unique layouts, and

  • come with additional storage space.

Daydream – The Family Caravan with Bunks

Daydream is the perfect home away from home. It has a tandem axle with available Outbacker Range options. Separate ensuite and separate kids bedroom. Sleeps 4 to 7 people, has a centre door entry, separate shower and toilet, oven and large fridge. Ideal for the family on the road… the room, the capability, the lot!

Retreat Daydream - Family Caravns with Bunks

Daydream 2 Daydream 4

Daydream 5 Daydream with bunks

Daydream Layout

Click here for Daydream floor plan options, features, images and 3D tour


Choosing A Caravanning Destination The Whole Family Will Love

You have finally bought that family caravan and you can’t wait to show it to everyone.

Taking a holiday is the best option. But you don’t need any holiday. You want a caravanning holiday.

Choosing the right destination will mean all the difference between enjoying your new caravan and feeling as if you are in a labour camp.

Your kids will enjoy the vacation much more if they see you’re having fun too. They should be able to see you at your best during the vacation.

That’s why we can’t stress the importance of picking the right destination strongly enough. Research and plan for your family caravan holiday in advance.


Top 3 Destinations for Family Getaways

Lake Bonney

Lake Bonney is a freshwater lake located in the Riverland region of South Australia. The lake has been a popular venue for holidaymakers, being used for a wide range of water sports, particularly sailing and water-skiing.

Lake Boney - Caravan Destination


Renmark is a town in South Australia’s rural Riverland area, and is located 254 km northeast of Adelaide, on the banks of the River Murray.

Today, Renmark is a multicultural centre for the Riverland area. It consists of elegant wide streets. The river itself offers excellent spots for fishing, waterskiing and boating.

Renmark - Caravan Destination

Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is the largest mountain range in South Australia, which starts approximately 366 km north of Adelaide. Its most characteristic landmark is Wilpena Pound adjoining the Flinders Ranges National Park.

Flinders Ranges - Caravan Destinations

Some of the things that can make your caravanning destination fun include:

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Kayaking

  • An assortment of great local food

  • Mini golf

  • Theme parks for the kids

  • And swimming

Choose an activity that your family enjoys and find a destination which has facilities for you to do that activity. The destination should tweak the adults’ interest and be fun for the children.

Caravan Holidays

Caravan holidays offer for a great experience for everyone – singles, couples or families. It is great way to have low cost holidays and meet new people.

A vacation inside caravans comes with a variety of options and can offer the comforts of a real home such as satellite television, microwaves and electric showers.

All these facilities can now be found on caravans some even come with a sliding sunroof which makes it an even cosier home away from home.

Spending holidays in caravans usually allows you to stay at your preferred site. So, if you are up for an excellent time during the holidays with the entire family, you can enjoy family bonding at one of the many available scenic caravan sites. To make it easier to realize this caravan holiday, family caravans with bunks are the best option.

After Purchase:  Important Things To Do!

Two important items to check initially and every year thereafter.

Tighten all wire termination lugs 110 volts and 12 volts in your converter box. Yes, even when new, you will find them a bit loose, as copper wire is very soft. Please do this every year thereafter, as many family caravans with bunks and ensuite have caught fire caused by loose wires.

Tighten all (snug only) plumbing fittings, especially at…commode, water heater and water pump. When new caravan owners take their coaches in for warranty work, the most common comment they have is, "I didn’t get most of what the walk through guy said."

Most walk through techs are allowed up to four hours for your walkthrough, most take from one to two hours and "are always" happy to go at your speed.

So don’t be embarrassed about redundant questions, or taking notes. Better yet, carry a portable recorder. It would help you after delivery. You may even want to take a cheat sheet with a list of items you would like to have your walkthrough tech explain.

Appliance, coach and chassis manufacturers have very few problems of late and are very dependable.

After your break in period, we highly recommend that you read and perform "All" maintenance in the manual (appliance, coach and chassis) and of course enjoys the wonderful outdoor life!

Needless to say, as hard as the manufacturers and dealers try, they are unable to anticipate and prevent all problems that may arise after delivery. That is why we recommend a one or two-day initial trip for each caravan, before any extended caravanning.

It is a great time to check every square inch of your coach at the campsite. You will not only learn everything about the coach, you will be able to to catch any small problem that may turn into large ones down the road.

Caravan Supplies

As much as you may like to leisurely browse the shelves of your local caravan shop for the latest accessories, you will save time in viewing the selection (and the prices) when you shop online.

You can find thousands of new products designed to help make your next caravan getaway more enjoyable. Some of the items you’ll find are strictly practical and are for maintenance or safety purposes — while other accessories are purely for fun.

You can quickly check out replacement parts, satellite antennas, awnings, outdoor showers, generators, covers, appliances, tires, lighting, outdoor cooking and entertaining and lots more.

With the convenience, comfort and peace of mind the family caravan with bunk offers, you are guaranteed a safe and memorable journey. It’s time to rediscover the great outdoors and bring back the thrill of adventure.

Most of all, it’s time for some bonding time with the whole family? When was the last time you and your family went on adventure? Comment below…


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