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January 27, 2017 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Differences Among Off-Road caravans

Off-Road Caravan Types And Where To Buy One

So, you want to buy an off-road caravan? What are some of the factors you should consider before buying one?

When you are looking for off-road caravans for sale, it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available. Worse, many off-road caravans are too damn similar to conventional/regular caravans.

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Difference of Off-road Caravans VS Regular Caravans

The only difference between off-road caravans and regular caravans is that off-road caravans have been modified to tackle the bush, unsealed roads, desert roads, and other tough roads. With its special modifications, off-road caravans can carry a lot of load.

But note that these modifications differ among off-road caravans. Hence, it is important to choose a  modified caravan that suit your needs. Among the common modifications are reinforced chassis, higher ground clearance, tougher off-road tires, as well as special off road suspension kits.

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Retreat Caravans – Brampton


Full height off-road caravans

Full height off-road caravans look and act much like regular caravans. However, they come with the following modifications:

  • Larger water tanks
  • Galvanised chassis
  • Special off road suspension kits
  • Stronger storage cabinets, which are often reinforced
  • Better ground clearance
  • Tandem axels
  • Energy efficient lights, and
  • Heavy duty bumpers

If you are lucky enough to buy your Retreat Caravan from a high-end provider, these features are already part of standard caravans.

But beware that having all these features make off-road caravans very heavy. For this, you need a very powerful tow. Examples of these are the F250 Land Cruiser and those with V8 engines. Alternatively, attach a diesel-powered 4WD,which is better than a petrol-powered one.

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Pop off top off road caravans

These off-road caravans look deceptively like their cousins, the full height caravans.

The only difference is the roof, which is 400mm shorter.

pop off top off road caravan

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Pop off top off road caravans are best suited in humid climates. They have excellent ventilation and they are not as bulky as conventional off-road caravans. That means you won’t be needing an expensive vehicle to tow this type of caravan.

Another upside is that the pop off top’s lower height allows for high speeds and very low fuel consumption. With the fuel economy of this off road caravan, you are guaranteed to save money even as you tour much of Australia’s scenic countryside.

How do you find off-road caravans?

Use the internet. It is by far the easiest and most economical way of finding off-road caravans for sale. Start by entering a search term such as “off road caravans Australia.” This will give you information on most caravan dealerships in the country.


Find dealer near you!

From there, you can refine the search to find off road caravan dealers in your vicinity.

And when you trimmed it down to the ones near your residence, try to get in touch with them by phone to inquire about the available caravan models and the current deals or ongoing special offers.

Allocate time to canvass which dealer will give you more value for money. After deciding, it’s time to visit the dealer and check out the caravan. If your prospective caravan doesn’t fit your requirements, don’t hesitate to look at other models.

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Retreat Caravans Selection List

You have made a wise decision in buying a caravan. Enjoy the spectacular sights and fond memories you’ll have in your new rig.




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