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9 Delicious Camping Recipes That The Entire Family Will Love

When it comes to camping, less is more. We all know it’s important to travel lightly when camping.

No matter how little we may pack in terms of clothes and other necessities, there are some necessities that are hard to scrimp on, and that’s food.

However, the amount of food or ingredients we bring will determine how much you get to eat and also the quality of the meals you are able to prepare and enjoy.

With this in mind, following are 9 delicious and mouth-watering camping recipes that the entire family will love.


Scrambled Eggs:

You’ll need 3 simple ingredients for this. Eggs, butter, and water. Use a saucepan for this recipe. Start with a cold saucepan (not yet warmed up).

Crack one egg, add one tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of water to the pan.

Repeat using one or two eggs per person until there are enough eggs in the pan to feed the campers.

Use a whisk and gently break eggs up mixing them with the water and butter.

Set the saucepan over a flame and gently continue stirring/whisking until the eggs begin to scramble.

As the eggs begin to scramble remove the pan from the fire and continue stirring/whisking.

If the pan begins to cool and the eggs still aren’t done enough place it back over the flame for about 30 seconds.

Remove the pan again and repeat until they are cooked to your liking.


Follow the above steps using the same ingredients except spread them out in a skillet gently adding the desired ingredients on top of the omelette.

Ideas for ingredients: chopped onion, tomatoes, ham, crispy bacon, grated cheese.

When the omelette is done and the cheese has begun to melt gently fold the omelette in half and allow the cheese to “glue” the omelette together. Serve warm.


Used leftover baked potatoes and chop them up and add to the omelette before adding in the other ingredients as above.

Gently fold the potatoes in and try not to mash them up. Place grated cheese on top and then place a lid on the pan to melt the cheese. Serve warm.


Grilled Melts:

In a skillet place 1 tablespoon of butter and melt. Remove the skillet from the fire and place two slices of bread in the pan.

On one slice of bread spread some cheese (grated cheese is fine if there aren’t any slices) and on the other slice of bread put some meat of your choice (tuna, leftover hamburger or diced sausages).

Toast the bread and gently place the two slices of bread together trying not to lose any of the fillings. Allow the cheese to “glue” the two slices together and serve hot.

Chilli Dogs:

One can chilli

1 hot dog or BBQ sausage

1 hot dog bun

Chopped onion (optional)

Relish/mustard (optional)

Open can of chilli and place in a small saucepan. Heat over a medium. Grill the hot dogs and toast the bun.

Place hotdog in a bun and scoop some chilli over the hot dog. Add chopped onions, relish and mustard if desired.


One tortilla

grated cheese

Salsa if desired

Place tortilla over a low flame to toast. Add grated cheese and gently fold tortilla over. Melt the cheese and serve warm with salsa.


Baked Potato:

One baking potato per person


Wrap potatoes in foil and place into a fire to bake. While potatoes are baking prepare fillings.

Filling options:

Grated cheese, chopped onion, bacon, ham, sour cream, butter, leftover chilli from lunch.

When potatoes are done baking gently open them and split them. Top with favourite fillings and serve.

Hobo Dinners:

Foil pie tins


Cooking spray

Choice of meats Hamburger, steak, BBQ sausages etc.

Choice of vegetable carrots, potatoes, corn, etc.

Hand each person a pie tin and pass the cooking spray. Spray the pie tin and then place the meat into the pie tin.

Top with desired vegetables and a sauce (barbecue, ketchup, mustard, etc.).

Seal with foil and bake in the fire until done (about 40 minutes depending on the intensity of the fire.

Serve hot and scoop out ingredients from pie tin with a spoon.


Take the daily catch and make it into dinner. Open a can of beer or cola and place into a skillet and fry the fish in that for a unique taste sensation.

You can also use battered fish as long as the beer or cola are preheated.

Make Your Camping Experience The Best Ever

Camping meals don’t have to be difficult. The simpler they are the better. Kids of all ages will love these camping meal ideas.

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