Creative Ways Keep Kids Entertained When Camping
January 18, 2021 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Creative Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained When Camping

Camping can be a great bonding opportunity for the whole family. A quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life is just the way to reset and appreciate each other more, especially after spending most of 2020 in lockdown. However, long days at a campsite can lead to small moments of boredom, especially for kids.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can creatively manage boredom. Whether it be creating games of your own or running with entertainment ideas that work at home, the opportunities for fun are endless. 

If you are in need of a few creative ideas on how to keep the kids entertaining when camping, then feel free to explore these options below. 

1). Make Camping Crafts

Kids absolutely love arts and crafts, so why not bring them along with you on your camping trip? A creative camping craft is to preserve nature by teaching your kids how to press leaves and flowers. You can also learn to create bark art by using a blank paper against a tree and rubbing a crayon or soft pencil across the paper. Kids will love this crafty, textured art.

Another example is to paint rocks. Bring your own brushes and art paint and send the kids off to collect their own rocks from the campsite. Let your kids be as creative as they want when painting their rocks. 

2). Create A Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are another beloved activity for kids of all ages. You can choose to expand the treasure hunt throughout the campground or just within the campsite. For older kids, the treasure hunt list can include more specific objects like a coin or a coloured sock. 

For younger kids, objects can be a bit more general. You can also choose to colour, draw, or print a list of colours and shapes so that toddlers can find items that match the colour or shape.

Creative Ways Keep Kids Entertained When Camping

3). Bring A Basket Of Fun

Bringing a basket of fun can include games, crafts, puzzles, and books from home that you know your kids love. This will be a great way to keep your kids engaged especially if it rains or during moments of boredom. 

Bringing books on nature can also help the kids engage more with nature on the camping trip. They can find items such as bugs, flowers, and leaves that are present in the nature books.

4). Have A Water Gun War

Kids love playing around with water guns, especially now being summer. Bring along water guns on the trip or other water toys such as water balloons and sponge balls. You can even make it a competition to make the water gun war more interesting. 

5). Host An Olympics

Speaking of competition, having your very own family Olympics is another creative way to keep the kids engaged on your camping trip. Make sure the Olympics is suited for the space that you have. You can include games such as racing, tug-of-war, obstacle courses, throwing a ball, or doing a running long jump.

Make it more interesting by giving out rewards to winners. Find events that your children can excel in. Make sure to also bring along supplies for crowns and medals for the kids that win the games.

Creative Ways Keep Kids Entertained When Camping

6). Create Binoculars And Have A Nature Walk

Need to find a way to make nature walks more interesting? Tap two toilet paper tubes together and attach a string neck strap on the sides. You can bring colouring materials or stickers so that the kids can decorate their own binoculars. 

Once you go on your nature walk with the kids, point out animals, plants, and sounds that you can spot. This is a very simple but effective verbal exercise especially for kids under the age of four.

Final Thoughts

Camping trips are a fun experience for any family, but there could be moments where boredom can kick in. However, there are plenty of creative camping activities that you can do with the kids to help keep them engaged during the trip.

Most of these activities are inexpensive and only require a little imagination. Be as expressive with these activities as possible, and allow your kids to enjoy the camping trip as much as possible. 

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