Christmas Caravanning Destinations
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10 Christmas Caravanning Destinations

As much as Australians get excited about holidays,  Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that 57% of Aussies tread to foreign lands for Christmas vacations. There are however countless destinations to explore in our country. Not only that, spending your vacation here would save time and money.

Not sure where to go yet? Check out our Christmas Caravanning list of ten gorgeous destinations across Australia accompanied by Iconic Attractions in each place.

Each destination offers  gives a complete vacation package –  with beaches, limestone coasts, islands, festivities and forests.  And even better, you can enjoy these destinations solo and with your family.

  1. Mornington Peninsula

Embraced by 200 vineyards, rolling hills, orchards, olive plantations, Victorian mansions and exquisite cuisines, Mornington Peninsula is located one hour (40 km) south-east of Melbourne.

Mornington Peninsula

Its natural extravaganza is at its best during Christmas when strawberries, cherries, wild berries and organic veggies are all around.

Boasting 190 meters of coastline, Mornington has two popular shipwrecks in addition to 14 golf courses.  Being a wine growing region, Mornington is popular for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Yachting and surfing are considered the favourite sport.

pinoit thou

Caravanners with dogs can also head to the special zones in Mornington Peninsula National Park for a peaceful stay.

Iconic Attractions: Mount Martha, Point Leo, Safety Beach, Portsea, Tow Bays Trail, Cheviot Beach and Yaringa Marine Park.

2.   Kangaroo Valley

One of the most romantic destinations to explore in summer, Kangaroo Valley is also perfect for Christmas Caravanning. Circled by the Kangaroo River, Kangaroo Valley’s bright green meadows and relaxing sunny evenings  will captivate you, together with the exotic flora and fauna.

kangaroo valley

Celebrated as the prettiest valley in Down Under, Kangaroo Valley is 160 km from Sydney and is surrounded by the Southern Highlands. Christmas caravanning in Kangaroo Valley is considered ideal for outdoor cooking too.

Iconic Attractions: Barrengarry Mountains, Hampden Bridge, Pioneer Village Museum, Cambewarra Range, Mount Scanzi, and Kangaroo River;

3. Hobart, Tasmania

A natural contrast of culture, colours, heritage, attractions and events characterise Hobart in Tasmania. Set at the mouth of Derwent River, Hobart is just 35 km away from New Norfolk too.

Derwent River

Enjoy Hobart’s cool temperature in December, setting it apart from other areas of OZ. You can also watch a concert featuring the Australian International Symphony Orchestra Institute during the first two weeks of December.

Australian International Symphony Orchestra Institute

Iconic Attractions: Royal Tasmania Botanical Garden, Tasman Bridge, Hobart Synagogue, Fern Tree, Tasmanian Museum, Theatre Royal,

4. Limestone Coast

A calm and ambient destination to caravan in December, Limestone Coast is located in Southern Australia close to Adelaide. From the most palatable Coonawarra wines to Naracoorte Caves, Limestone Coast is a welcoming mix of beauty, heritage and peace.

Limestone Coast

The unblemished white limestone is also encircled by about 200 species of waterbirds throughout the year. The 26 million year old coast is also surrounded by Red Gum and Eucalyptus trees, giving the most shade and making its parking spaces the most comfortable for primitive caravanning.

Blue Lake

Iconic Attractions: Beachport, Robe, Penola, Blue Lake, Coonawarra wines, Mount Gambier, Millicent, Bordertown Naracoort Caves and Wonambil Fossil Centre and Memorial Drive.

5. 1770, Queensland  

Seventeen Seventy in Queensland is an ideal beach caravanning destination surrounded by the prettiest aquamarine beaches in OZ. The relaxing seaside destination is revered for being the most quiet surf beach too.

aquamarine beach

Located 130 km from Gladstone, 1770 in QLD has an exquisite beach for surfing, cruising, swimming and water boarding too. Nested away from the hustle and bustle of highways, you can experience a warm summer in 1770 during Christmas. Marine interactions with Dolphins and Sting Rays are also at its height in December, making it perfect for Christmas Caravanning.

Iconic Attractions: Great Barrier Reef, Lady Musgrave island, Agnes Water, Pancake Creek, Discovery Coast, Miriam Vale and Bustard Head Lighthouse.

6. Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is known as the Whale watching capital of Australia, making it  ideal for beach caravanning. Hervey Bay is a popular attraction during Christmas owing to its parallel whale migration season.

Whale Watching Hervey Bay

Surrounded by amazonite waters, crystal beaches and lush rainforests, Hervey is a Christmas destination for families too. The calm waters are best for swimming or basking under the sun.

As there are regular boats to Fraser Island from Hervey Bay, you can also explore multiple freshwater lakes on the sand island and have a cosy time. An additional attraction is the Lady Elliot Island, which is the island next to Hervey Bay. You can do various water activities such as snorkelling, diving and marine life interaction.

Lady Elliot Island

Iconic Attractions: Fraser Island, Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum, Reefworld Aquarium, Lady Elliot Island, Wetside Water Educational Park, Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere and Esplanade.

7. Victor Harbor, South Australia

Located 80 km from Adelaide, Victor Harbour is a popular summer vacation hotspot because of its temperate climate. From here you can ride a tram to the popular attraction Granite Island, home to the fairy penguins. Centre to the Surfing Zone too, the best surf beaches on Victor Harbor are Parsons, Goolwa and Waitpinga.

Granite Island

The best summer destination in Oz to escape the heat, Victor Harbor is an ideal Christmas weekend getaway too. The Mediterranean climate and the historic sites make Christmas Eve grand, especially if you’re looking forward to firecrackers, cakes and wine.  

Victor Harbor

Iconic Attractions: Goolwa, Murray Mouth, Newland Head Conservation Park, Deep Creek Conservation Park, Victor Harbor Horse Drawn Tram, Granite Island, Talisker conservation Park and Heysen Trail.

8. Kapunda

Set on the shore of Light River, Kapunda is Australia’s oldest mining town. Promising a calm and quiet Christmas caravanning, Kapunda is also considered one of the haunted towns of Oz. Kapunda is located 77 km from Adelaide and observes more rain than its neighbouring towns.

light river

The best activities in Kapunda during summer are walking trails, festivals and ghost crime tours. Kapunda also has a tradition called the Christmas tree festival with a street party during Christmas Eve too.

Iconic Attractions: Barossa Valley, Murray River, Clare Valley, North Kapunda Hotel (haunted), Gundry’s Hill Lookout, Miner Statue and Main Pit Open Site.  

9. The Daintree Rainforest

Located on the outskirts of Cains, Daintree Rainforest is among the biggest rainforests in Australia.  Iconic as its name, Daintree is lush with trees in diverse green, yellow and gray too. The rainforest is a World Heritage Site and especially spectacular in December.

Daintree Rainforest

From hiking to walking trails, Daintree also claims 30% of Oz’s marsupial and reptile populations too, so take safety precautions. The tropical rainforest is also home to endangered flora and fauna such as ancient whisk ferns. Also identified as an important Birding hotspot, Daintree Rainforest is set along the northeast coast of QLD.


Iconic Attractions: Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation, Donovans Beach, Noahs Beach, Coconut Beach, Cedar Bay and Bloomfield Track.

10. Karri Forest, Pemberton

The wildflower capital of Australia during Christmas, the Karri Forest located in Pemberton offers the best outback adventure during Christmas. Popular as the tallest trees on earth, Karri Forest is surrounded by vineyards, walking trails, jarrah forests, olive groves and gardens.

Warren region harbours the Karri Forest, which stretches along diverse terrains such as wetlands, sand dunes and perfect bushwalking trails. Some fun filled activities to explore when in Karri are Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, WOW wilderness cruise and Canoeing on Frankland River.


Iconic Attractions: Warren National Park, Frankland River, Yaegarup Dunes,  D’Entrecasteaux National Park and Walpole- Nornalup Inlet.

Final Reminder

When looking for caravan for sale make sure head straight to Retreat Caravans specially we are launching some thing new next year and in planning your Christmas caravanning itinerary, check the weather to avoid rainy areas as well as scorching temperatures. As most of the above caravanning destinations are remote places, be sure to carry ample food and water. Moreover, it is best to keep have less strangers with you when you’re on the move.

As a word of caution, you can also keep off summer accidents during the festive season by strictly parking or camping in caravan parks or in secured parking areas. As you’ll be under the sun practically the whole  Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen too.

Have the merriest Christmas from the Retreat Family!


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