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Tips to Make the Most out of a Caravan Show

A typical caravan show brings together hundreds of traders who represent different brands. A caravan show is a good venue for exhibitors to showcase various products to numerous attendees.

Normally, caravan shows are being held during the day but there are some instances where caravan show organisers arrange activities to be held during evenings. Caravan shows are full of entertainment and these events help people learn about latest technology and products, win gifts and buy discounted merchandise. 

Like in other places, some people walk out of the show with bigger smiles than the others. It’s because these people know exactly how to make the most out of caravan shows. But how can an event goer really make the most out of a caravan show?

We have listed down some tips that you can follow in order for you to enjoy the next caravan show you will be heading to:

Tip number 1: Plan well ahead of time

Before you go into a caravan show, plan ahead. What’s your budget? What are you looking to buy at the exhibition? Will you be going with your family or are you going solo? Will you just be buying the item you want, then leave?

Regardless of your plans, set aside enough money and don’t forget to explore all your options. After all, there are lots of exhibitors to buy from, and you’re sure to get the best deal when you’ve done a bit of going around from one stall to the other.

Caravan Shows

If you’re someone who is wanting to buy a motorhome, a campervan or a caravan from the show, consider what you will use it for. What’s the size you are looking to get, is it your ultimate choice or is there room for a second option? Remember that a lot of the caravans you’re seeing at the show are being unveiled to the public for the first time. So when viewing the available models, it’s best to have a list of specifications and features that you want. Cross out the option that doesn’t fit your needs and head to the next stall.

Tip number 2: Consider attending on odd days

Caravan shows are typically jam-packed during the opening day. If it’s going for a week, weekends will be typically busier than other days. Depending on your aim at attending, it will be better to go after the opening day. This way, you can avoid the crowds as visitor numbers often reach their peak during the first day of the exhibition.


Plus, you’ll have more time to speak with each exhibitor regarding the products and services they offer.

Tip number 3: Research about the event in advance

Ideally, you want to know who will be participating in the exhibit. Knowing the dealers and their location in the exhibit will save you time.

And even if you have made up your mind about purchasing a product or a recreational vehicle from a certain manufacturer, you can still research about other manufacturers’ vehicles and compare the prices, specs and features of the vehicles. List down the products or vehicles you find interesting and take a look at them during the show.

Tip number 4: Ask questions

To help you decide which caravan to buy, ask all the relevant questions and get all the details from the exhibitors. Take advantage of having experts there – may it be on caravan or insurance and finance – and ask questions relevant to your planned purchase.


Tip number 5: Buy your tickets in advance

Advance booking rates are by usually cheaper than ticket prices at the gate. You can also get numerous perks if you choose to stay over at the showground.


By camping at the show location, you usually get an extra night of sundown entertainment and access to all the benefits. Some of these events have a large number of attendees so it’s crucial to make accommodation arrangements early.


With all the caravan accessories you can see, the new motorhomes you can check out and the additional knowledge you can get from exhibitors, insurers and travel experts, you’ll surely have an enjoyable and worthwhile caravan show experience.

Whether you are interested in buying a caravan or just want to get general useful information, you can start planning your next caravan show adventure by heading to Retreat Caravans’ upcoming shows page today.


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