Camping in Australias National Parks
May 16, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Camping in Australia’s National Parks

Incredible natural scenery, inexpensive (or free) camping fees, and unforgettable memories. This is what Australia’s national parks offer to all of us.

Where else can you hear the sound of waves gently lapping on a deserted beach just a stone’s throw away from a thick forest?

Or how about experiencing the isolation of an interior forest or the edge of a desert with no signs of civilization, or camping surrounded by wetlands?

There is absolutely no doubt that Australia’s national parks are among the best and most diverse in the world.

Research the National Parks

We all know that Australia is a massive country, and most visitors underestimate the sheer distances between major cities, parks, or even distances within the states themselves.

Picking out a national park to visit starts with knowing what part of the country that you want to visit and which parks are closest to the cities or other sites that you are planning on visiting.

The rules on national park camping will also vary depending on the park.

Most national parks have visitor centres where visitors can get the information they need, but online research should be done before you head out camping.

There are great government websites, camping blogs, and other official resources that can give updates on any policy changes before heading out.

Generally speaking, camping is allowed in most areas but when it comes to national parks you should look to camp in designated areas for your own safety and convenience.

While dispersed camping is often available in national forests, avoid places that are designated sites or are specifically listed as off-limits.

This is because each place will have certain rules that will be enforced in those specific areas and you don’t want to end up with a fine.

Popular Parks

There are some national parks in Australia that stick out more than others.

Murray Valley National Park is an extremely popular choice in NSW and features a wide range of facilities from glamping level facilities to the very bare bone.

Some of these places have a bare spot to set up a tent and that’s about the extent of it.

Grampians National Park is one of the most popular (and famous) in Victoria and part of that is because it has such a variety of things to see and do.

There are rock walls to climb and plenty of bushwalking options, as well as established hiking trails that showcase mountain ranges, waterfalls, and more.

MacKenzie Falls and the Boronia Peak Walk are especially popular options for visitors spending time here.

Visitors to South Australia who love arid landscapes and appreciate geology and earth history should make sure they visit Coober Pedy.

You will find stunning, arid scenery everywhere you turn, and the Main Lookout and Great Breakaways Marathon are two sights that shouldn’t be missed.

The Cape Le Grand National Park and Karijini National Park are a couple of absolute gems found in the western part of Australia.

Then there is the world famous Uluru (the largest monolith in the world), a sight that has been seen and is well known virtually everywhere in the world.

Deciding on Method of Camping

An important decision before picking the right park and campground depends heavily on the style of camping that a visitor will choose.

There’s a major difference between staying at a lodge on-site, caravan camping, or tent camping.

Tents are lightweight and allow camping in more rustic areas where being surrounded by nature away from noise is a big plus.

On the negative side, the setup can take some time and the shelter from wildlife or weather changes isn’t as safe when compared to a caravan.

A caravan allows many of the comforts of home and make it easy to set up camp, but can also restrict which campsites a person may use.

This can result in missing out on some certain sights or wonders a park may have to offer.

Lodges make planning easy but for the outdoor traveller, missing that outdoor experience may simply not be worth the creature comforts that a local or nearby lodging offers.

In Conclusion

No matter what part of Australia a person is visiting, there are some amazing National Parks to check out across our magnificent country.

A little bit of research and planning can go a long way to deciding the type of holiday that will be filled with a once in a lifetime experience.

Make Your Camping Experience The Best Ever

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