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July 25, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Camping In Australia: How To Find The Best Spots?

There is nothing quite like camping in Australia, especially when using the best spots the country has to offer. 

With all the natural beauty and rich culture, it is no surprise why this outdoor activity is incredibly popular. 

However, as everyone has different views about why camping is so great, it is recommended to do a little research beforehand. 

The reality is that camping can be different every time, especially when you plan on visiting different areas. 

Here is a list for camping in Australia and how to find the best spots around.  

  • Research Areas Of Interest 


The idea of camping without really planning it can sound exciting. 

Unfortunately, it rarely ends up being enjoyable when there is nothing to eat or a warm place to sleep. 

And not all camping sites are going to offer the same facilities. 

Other things to consider is the distance to the campsite and what the surrounding area is typically like.   

  • Shortlist Possible Campsite Areas And Get Details  


Once a list of the best potential camping spots has been compiled, it is time to delve depper for more information. 

For instance, does the campsite accommodate vehicles and caravans? Alternatively, will there be restrooms nearby and a place to buy supplies from? 

These details are very important in order to properly prepare for the camping trip and to make it as enjoyable as possible.  

  • Check The Weather 


For those that will be camping with a tent or underneath the blanket of stars, it is suggested to keep an eye on the weather. 

Nothing can ruin camping like stormy and cold weather can. Unless, of course, this kind of weather is a personal preference. 

At the same time, make sure the terrain is safe in terms of camping under more exposed conditions.

Campers that decide to go with a caravan should not have these problems, leaving them with more options as to where they can go.

In fact, even when an unexpected storm hits, this won’t prevent them from resting and eating in a warm and dry place.   

  • Ask Friends And Family 


It is never a bad idea to reach out to friends or family for suggestions on the best camping spots in Australia. 

If they are avid campers and do it on a regular basis, they should be able to provide great recommendations. 

They can also give information about what the campsite has to offer. 

  • Read Reviews 


The internet might be a heavy contradiction to nature, but it does not change the fact that an online search can really help choose a good camping spot. 

More specifically, online searches usually come with reviews from other campers. These are useful when needing to decide whether it will be the perfect site or not. Just make sure these are honest reviews and not paid for by the owner of the website.  

  • Consider A Mobile Camping Adventure 

As mentioned earlier, caravan campers enjoy another level of camping. 

In addition to getting the whole experience of being out in nature, caravans provide a controlled environment. 

Also, take into consideration that a caravan can be hooked up and ready for the road in no time, which means camping can happen almost anywhere. 

In Conclusion: The Best Campsite Is What Campers Make Of It 

In truth, there is no perfect camping spot in Australia. There are too many great things to see across the country to limit it to a single list. 

So, why not focus more on preparing for the camping trip? 

Because in the end, it is all about the people that share the experience while feeling comfortable and happy.

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