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Beginner’s Guide to Caravan Travelling in Australia

Travelling through Australia via caravan is not just for pensioners enjoying the golden years of retirement!

Australia is a country of wide open spaces, incredible wildlife, and truly breath-taking scenery.

Ranging from still and silent moments that make you fearful of disturbing the serenity through to stunning views that leave you gobsmacked, a caravan trip across the country will be the trip of a lifetime for most happy adventurers.

Travelling Australia via caravan is an incredible journey that should be included on every bucket list however, getting the most out of it also means preparing properly.

Therefore, we have created a solid beginner’s guide for those looking to travel in Australia via caravan. Read on to learn more!

Picking the Right Caravan

Not everyone is going to have the same needs or wants when out on the road for extended periods of time.

Lining up the right caravan that suits your specific needs is an important part of getting the most out of your holiday experience.

A few major questions to ask yourself:

  • What amenities do I really need?
  • Are there solar panels for power when off the beaten track?
  • Am I buying or renting?
  • How much space do I really want?

These are legitimate concerns and important considerations to make before buying or renting a caravan.

After all, this is going to be your home away from home.

Generally speaking, the three biggest questions will be having a fridge versus not having a fridge, a lot of space versus being compact, and buying versus renting.

That last one will be an obvious choice for some travellers but for everyone else, it is a point worth thinking about.

Tips for Caravan Rental

If you do prefer to rent a caravan, you need to make reservations as early as possible, especially during busy travel times. So reserve early!

Next, make sure to check the pick-up and drop-off policy. This is especially important if the traveller is not ending the journey where it started.

No one wants to be hit with massive pick up or shipping fees. Include these potential fees when you think about your budget.

Insurance Is A Must

Australia has incredibly vast stretches with nothing remotely resembling civilisation for hundreds of kilometres.

Whether you own or are renting a caravan, don’t scrimp on the cheapest policy.

Make sure that you look at getting quality coverage that will offer protection for a variety of situations.

Potential Pros of Caravan Camping

  • Setting up camp is fast, easy, and simple
  • Plenty of protected storage space
  • Having a fridge on hand makes life much easier
  • A few extra conveniences from home go a long way when on the road for months at a time!
  • Extra comforts are nice during extended travel

Potential Cons of Caravan Camping

  • It is more expensive than other options
  • Although Australia is camping friendly, having a caravan may restrict access to some areas
  • Harder to find parking in towns and cities

Plan Your Trip

Any traveller needs to take the time to plan out a route and itinerary of important things they want to do and places they want to see, or experiences they want to have.

Leave plenty of time to wander and explore, as many people strongly underestimate just how long it will take to get around the country.

There are many undeveloped areas which offer plenty of opportunities, but make sure to look for small towns, petrol stations, and other amenities.

This is true in general but absolutely crucial if travelling through Nullarbor or the outback where there is nothing.

There are even stretches that go on for hours on end with no sign of mobile phone reception, much less food, water, or a petrol station.

Plan with plenty of time, plan carefully and plan accordingly.

In Conclusion

Australia is a land of many brilliant travel opportunities and plenty of amazing memories just waiting to be made.

Travelling by caravan is a great way to take a bucket list worthy trip but it is crucial to plan properly to make sure the trip goes safely and smoothly.

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