May 28, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Backtracking In Order To Move Forward

This week’s update is about taking care of your health while you are in remote areas.

We stayed at the BHP Caravan Park in Leinster and had arranged a meeting with members of the PMAV North East branch, which is their gold prospector club.

The funny thing was, we had no idea they were there. This is proof of what a small country it is!

There was a medical situation that led to a doctor’s visit in Leinster and we then had to head back to Kalgoorlie to see emergency physicians.

After a week of recovery, we were cleared to continue our travels. One can never be certain when there will be a health issue, so it is a good idea to prepare ahead.

Having a lot of downtime gave the crew the opportunity to research other places we were planning to visit, like Warroora Station, Broome and the Gibb River,

With chilly temperatures and clouds on the increase, it has had an effect on the battery state of charge.

It was necessary to turn on the heating part of the AC unit and it blew out chilly air for quite a while.

It took about an hour and a half for the temperature to warm up, and this was while using 930 watts heating mode.

Once the heat was under control, the unit only used 193 watts while using the fan.

With clouds gathering overhead and very little sun, we are carefully monitoring the state of charge in order to maintain off-grid testing.

Now that we are medically cleared, we are heading north and hoping for warmer weather.

Stay tuned to RV Daily for more adventures with the electric caravan as it heads north again.

Make sure to check in for more updates as we out the van through its paces as we make our way through WA on our electric caravan journey.

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