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March 07, 2016 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Amazing New Luxury Holiday Caravans for Sale

Are you thinking of going on a caravan holiday alone or with your friends and family? If so, Retreat Caravans can help make that holiday a lot more fun.

Retreat Caravans offers a wide range of holiday caravans for sale in Australia. You really can’t go wrong with our caravans as they are designed with practicality, comfort and luxury in mind.

As Australia’s leading caravan manufacturer, we are committed to building only the best holiday caravans for sale. We adhere to the highest international quality standards and adopt the industry’s best practices. This is to ensure that our caravans are nothing less than satisfactory to all our clients.

Retreat Caravans – Your No.1 Source for Holiday Caravans

At Retreat Caravans, we have a wide selection of quality holiday caravans to choose from. These caravans have been built to perfection based on years of experience and listening to feedback from our clients.

We are particular about making your holiday caravanning dreams come true and as smooth as can be. This means that unless there’s a new feedback, chances are that we have pre-empted all possible feedbacks to build the perfect holiday caravan for you.

Perfect for Moving from One Park to the Other

All our holiday caravans are designed to take absolute care of you and your loved ones throughout your journey. So, if your holiday involves spending some days in a series of caravan parks, our range of caravans will surely interest and suit you.

In fact, you should seriously consider Retreat’s Daydream which is specially designed for families. It can comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 occupants at every point in time. It has lots of room and storage, which is great for storing your things safely and effectively.

Great Holiday Caravans for Sale

All our caravans are considered top class and of excellent quality. If you’re thinking of getting the perfect caravan for your holidaying needs, then choose one from our wide selection of innovative caravans. We have spent years of designing and perfecting our caravans to suit your specific needs. As a result, they are all extremely efficient, reliable and highly durable.

Comfort and Luxury Combined

Even if you’re just caravanning, that’s no excuse for not doing it like a king. With our quality holiday caravans, your journey can be a lot of fun. That’s because we’re committed to ensuring that all our clients enjoy maximum value for their money.

This is why you’ll find that all our holiday caravans for sale come with state-of-the-art technology and gadgets. They are also designed with a plush interior that transforms your caravan into a home away from home.

So, if you want to enjoy five-star comfort and luxury, our holiday caravans will be perfect for your needs.

Suited to Both Individuals and Families

Whether you want to go holidaying alone or with your family and friends, our holiday caravans can take care of your needs. When you’re purchasing one of our units, you’re also paying for peace of mind and luxury on your holiday trips. Our holiday caravans are perfect for caravan parks, caravan festivals and caravan convoy travels.

If you need help making a decision or just need more information on the best holiday caravan to purchase, get in touch with us today on (03) 9357 6493 or email us at


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