Advantages of Semi Off-Road Caravans
March 16, 2017 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Advantages of Semi Off-Road Caravans

Have you been looking for a caravan that strikes a balance between a cool conventional one and an off-road caravan? For this, your best bet are semi off-road caravans.

Many caravan dealers in Australia have caravans. Most semi off-road caravans have all the features of regular caravans with the added advantage of being useful in rough roads.


Every semi off-road trailer range is designed and engineered to provide complete comfort and reliability even in the harshest outback Australian conditions.

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Keeping dust away in semi off-road caravans

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One of the biggest problems in going off-road is the amount of dust getting into your caravan. But this is part of experiencing more of the virgin Australia. Yes, you got to leave the roads at times to see the best of the country.

To make sure less dust comes in, we pressure test every intrusion and is added to  our QC. Roof and door vents, which are required by law, happen to be some of the channels where dust comes in.

However, in the best semi off road caravans, the lower doors are covered and there is a filtered pressure system, not allowing dust into the caravan.

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Additionally, the best semi off-road caravans have vented fridges. Note that external vents on most caravan fridges will leak dust. While this may look like it’s not a problem  dust eventually settles on evaporator coils, meaning the coils can no longer dissipate heat. This in turn forces your fridge to work harder and consume more electricity. Problem is,  if your semi off-road trailer relies entirely on solar power, this will ultimately affect the quality of your solar power system and battery capacity.

Thus, we at Retreat Caravans, go into great depths to ensure our semi off-road trailers are as dust proof as much as possible.


Strong and tested suspension

The best semi off-road caravans for sale need a suspension system that is not only strong but has been tested in the roughest of Australian roads.

Most semi off-road trailers use twin shock absorbers. These shock absorbers dispel heat. If the heat builds up, the shocks would malfunction, which will result in the engine overheating. The overheating becomes noticeable on Corrugations.

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Note that some manufacturers still use single absorbers. They will supply you with heat indicators These have to be monitored for any sign of overheating on the Corrugations. If the Corrugations surpasses a certain heat threshold, you’d have to stop momentarily to allow the shocks to cool down.

By using twin shocks on our semi off-road caravans, we split the stress exerted on each shock absorber, thereby reducing stress on the whole unit. The result? You have the freedom to travel more and enjoy your tour without any undue worry.


Solar power system with huge holding capacity

Going off-road often means staying for days without access to electricity. Venturing into the beaten tracks means getting from civilisation. It means that you don’t have access to 240 volts to power your morning toaster.

That means you’ll be entirely relying on your 12 volt system, and this is why our semi off road trailers come with an elaborate solar system with a huge holding capacity.

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