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August 20, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

Activities to Do While Camping in a Caravan Park

If you go camping in a caravan park with your family, you are probably thinking about what sort of activities you can participate in to stay entertained. 

Although you may be unplugging from the electronics and spending time outdoors, you shouldn’t worry about feeling.

There are actually so many things that you can do to keep you entertained the entire time.

Take a Relaxing Walk With Loved Ones

One simple yet enjoyable activity to participate in while camping at a caravan park is a long, relaxing walk with your loved ones. 

You can walk around the campground, be on the lookout for any animals and birds you might find, and simply take in all the scenery around you. 

It is a great way to get some exercise and spend time bonding with your loved ones without all the usual distractions, such as phone calls and text messages.

Hang Out in the Water to Cool Off on Hot Days

Most caravan parks are conveniently located by the water, so you can always choose to spend some time in the water to cool off, especially when it is hot outside. 

You can go for a swim, get your feet wet, or even try snorkelling to see what you can find beneath the water. 

The specific types of water activities that you decide to participate in will depend on what the water is like by the specific caravan campground you are visiting. 

The time will fly by quickly when you are having a good time in the water.

Have a Picnic With the Family

Plan a nice picnic lunch with your family. It is easy, fun, and a great way to bond with the ones you love. 

You can grab a blanket and prepare lunches for everyone to eat, such as sandwiches and snacks and drinks.

Pack your food in a cooler to keep it fresh and carry it over to a grassy area where you can put your blanket down under a tree for some shade. 

Once you put a blanket on the ground, there is a feeling of calmness and relaxation that takes over.

There is almost nothing better than eating while enjoying your breathtaking surroundings with your family.

You can even play a game of “I spy” as you pick out the many wonderful things that our great country has to offer.

Play Cricket

The campground offers plenty of outdoor space for different activities, including cricket. 

The best thing about cricket is that you only need a bat and a tennis ball and you’re set. 

Even if you don’t have any wickets, you can use anything from a rubbish bin to an esky as a substitute.

You can modify the rules so that each person gets a bat and a bowl which means everyone can have fun.


Frisbee is a great activity. Although not overly-demanding in a physical sense, it does provide a bit of a workout.

There is nothing more fun than the challenge of trying to get the right spin on the frisbee and trying to get it to fly straight.

This can lead to hours of fun as you attempt to throw it to the other person without forcing them to run too much in order to catch it.

Play Hide and Seek

If you have younger children, a good ole fashioned game of hide and seek can be great fun.

The campground is the perfect place to play a game of hide and seek with your loved ones because you will have plenty of places to hide. 

You can spend hours running around while trying to find your loved ones as they hide behind different caravans, trees, and bushes. 

It is something to do when you want to have fun without getting in the water.

Final Thoughts

When you have plans to go camping at a caravan park, there are dozens of different activities you can participate in to stay entertained and keep busy the whole time. 

Some of the best activities include going for long walks with loved ones, spending time in the water, cricket, frisbee and having a picnic with the family. 

Enjoying some of these different activities will help to pass the time quickly and make sure that you will not even miss your electronic devices while you are at the campground.

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