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December 02, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

9 Beach Camping Hacks For The Australian Festive Season

Are you planning to spend some time camping at the beach this Christmas? If so, you may find the following hacks very useful.

There is nothing Australians like more than packing up their gear and hitting the road for a camping adventure during the festive season.

While camping outdoors is a whole lot of fun, it requires a lot of planning to ensure a stress-free experience.

Beach camping is a different type of experience that brings its own unique problems to contend with.

Sand is the number one enemy that can cause a lot of discomfort and every trick should be used to keep it from spoiling your enjoyment.

Exposure to the sun is another problem that needs more attention than camping in the forest where, for example, there is lots of natural shade to protect you from sunburn.

Here are some handy hacks that are sure to make your life easier while camping on the beach this festive season:

1). Invest In A Hammock

To enjoy some lazy days on the beach, it is worth investing in a hammock that can easily be erected with its own base or tied between two vehicles.

This means you can enjoy a nap without worrying about sand blowing all over you or strange creatures crawling all over your body.

2). Roof Baskets

Another way of beating enemy number one, sand, is to store your provisions in baskets on a roof rack when not in use.

When food containers are left on the sand there is more likelihood of sand being kicked up by people walking past which invariably lands inside containers.

A roof rack also allows more space in the car for packing things that will make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

3). Microfiber Towels

Swap regular towels for microfiber ones. They are not only super-absorbent but also ultra-light and dry much quicker than typical beach towels.

4). Shoe Organiser

Take along a shoe organiser and hook it up in an easily accessible place.

It is a great way to store small items like torches, sunscreen, insect repellent and mobile phones within easy access.

5). DIY Tissue Dispenser

Repurpose a plastic container with a lid to protect and dispense paper towels and tissues. Cut a slit in the lid or on the side of the container for easy access.

6). Tic-Tac Salt And Pepper Shakers

Save those Tic-Tac boxes for your next camping trip. They make excellent salt, pepper, and spice containers.

7). Soap Leaves

8. make single-use soap leaves from a bar of soap with a potato peeler?

Just remember to separate the leaves with sheets of wax paper before placing them in an airtight container or they’ll just stick together, defeating the object.

8). First Aid Kits

Make a mini first-aid kit by packing band-aids, headache powders, and other small medicinal items into an old plastic prescription bottle with a tight-fitting lid.

9). Egg Carton Charcoal Storage

Pack the charcoal for your barbecue in empty egg cartons. That way you can keep your hands clean and use exactly the amount needed without having to dig into the dirty paper bag.

We hope these camping hacks will not only make your life easier while camping on the beach but will also be a great deal of fun to prepare.

Camping is much more than just living outdoors for a few days, it can also be a great way to find innovative and fun ways to make camping more interesting and fun for the whole family.

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