7 Amazing Places Family Fishing Trip Victoria
April 12, 2021 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

7 Amazing Places For A Family Fishing Trip In Victoria

Would you say that you are hooked on fishing? If so, are you looking for the perfect family fishing spot? Then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got some awesome places for you and the family!

Fishing is the perfect family bonding activity – and, luckily, there are plenty of beautiful places in Victoria to have a family fishing trip. Please feel free to continue reading below to learn more about some of the best places in Victoria for a family fishing trip.

1). Albert Park Lake

Albert Park Lake, which is located not far from the CBD, the Grand Prix track and golf course, is the perfect little getaway from the urban scene. As one of Melbourne’s more secluded fishing spots, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of fish including trout, carp, and perch. In fact, Albert Park Lake is stocked with approximately 1000 rainbow trout on the first, second, and third term school holidays. 

You will also find that Albert Park Lake is surrounded by around 560 acres of rolling parklands full of playgrounds, barbecue areas, and various sporting facilities. This truly is the perfect fishing trip venue for your family!

Type of fishing: Lake

Fish you can find: Trout, perch, carp

2). Eildon Pondage

Eildon Pondage has multiple facilities to make your family fishing trip all the more memorable. Aside from fishing in their fishing pond which receives a huge influx of around 10,000 trout every year, you can find playgrounds, biking trails, barbecue areas, and many more amenities. So if you’re kids aren’t too keen on fishing for too long and would love to play elsewhere, Eildon Pondage is just the place for you.

Type of fishing: Fishing pond

Fish you can find: Trout, Murray cod, golden perch, redfin, European carp

7 Amazing Places Family Fishing Trip Victoria

3). Lake Sambell

Located in Victoria’s northeast, Lake Sambell is located in Beechworth, a former gold rush town and one of the best towns the state has to offer. Lake Sambell is aged around 90 years old and houses numerous fish species, with one of the most popular fish being rainbow trout.

Outside the town’s central hub, you can find a sandy beach, a playground, and a barbecue area so that you can enjoy some relaxing time with the kids.

Type of fishing: Lake

Fish you can find: Rainbow trout, redfin, tench

4). Lilydale Lake

Lilydale Lake, situated on the outer-east of Melbourne, is a man-made 28-acre lake stocked with around 800 rainbow trout in the first, second, and third term holidays. Kayaks are available if you want to fish around the lake; or, if not, there are plenty of shaded, grassed areas with built-in fishing platforms on the edge of the lake. Lilydale gives you the perfect fishing experience for you and your family.

Type of fishing: Lake

Fish you can find: Rainbow trout, redfin, tench, European carp, roach, short-finned eel

5). Lake Hyland

Lake Hyland is a more humble fishing getaway, but nonetheless perfect for an intimate family fishing trip. The lake is stocked with fish in the July and September school holidays, and once more in late October. Additionally, it is restocked every holiday period with 750 rainbow trout. You can also find a couple of boardwalks, jetties, barbecue areas, and toilet facilities. 

Type of fishing: Lake

Fish you can find: Rainbow trout, redfin, carp, eel

7 Amazing Places Family Fishing Trip Victoria

6). Casey Fields Lake

Casey Fields Lake is only an hour southeast of the CBD near Cranbourne. There is a main pier in the lake but you can also bring up your own camp chair to set up along the lake’s edge. You can even find a land bridge that separates the sides of the lake, which you can access with bush-bashing.

Type of fishing: Lake

Fish you can find: Redfin, golden perch, silver perch, carp, Murray cod

7). Lake Treganowan

Lake Treganowan is one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever come across. Also known as Emerald Lake, Lake Treganowan is located an hour east of Melbourne’s CBD, in the Dandenong Ranges. On the second and third term holidays, the lake is stocked with 500 rainbow trout for plenty of fishing fun

Aside from fishing, you and the family can spend the day on paddle boats, walking through surrounding trails and tracks, or visit the popular attraction Puffing Billy, which is a steam train that ingresses on one side of the park.

You can also find a bridge over the lake along with a shoreline dotted with multiple benches. A kiosk is also available for lunch or quick snacks.

Type of fishing: Lake

Fish you can find: Rainbow trout, brook trout

Final Thoughts

Fishing trips are one of the best ways to spend some nice, quiet family time. However, with these stunning places in Victoria, you’ll not only have the opportunity to enjoy fishing but to enjoy a wide range of amenities to help elevate your fishing experience to an unforgettable one.

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