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July 18, 2019 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

6 Of The Best Free Camping Sites In Australia

Most people are torn between the various activities to engage in during the holidays. 

Australia is such a massive country with a very good road network, so road trips out bush are a popular getaway option, especially for families.

Our country is well renowned for its multitude of outdoor activities, and is also home to many free camping spots suited for the whole family. 

These sites are spread throughout the country, with South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland being some of the most famous states for free camping spots. 

Whenever you are preparing for a camping trip with your family, you can consider any of the following camping sites for a satisfying camping holiday:

  • Flinders Ranges
  • Eurimbula National Park
  • Notch Point
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Bushy Parker Park
  • Fletcher Creek

1. Flinders Ranges

This is one of the most beautiful places to be in South Australia, especially at sunset. 

It sits on top of the Razorback Lookout of the South Australian mountain ranges. 

The Wilpena Pound, which is a crater that stands above the rest, offers free camping grounds near ridges for the perfect views of the stunning sunrise and sunset moments. 

The Hookina Ruins campgrounds are also close to the Flinders Ranges, and campers can easily gain access with their caravans and campervans.

2. Eurimbula National Park

This park is located in the region of Wide Bay, which is one of the beauties of Queensland. 

The free campsites available in this area are easily accessible with four-wheel drive vehicles since the terrain is bad. 

The park is next to Agnes Water, which is part of the outer Great Barrier Reef. 

Campers can access little parks while in the national park, as they indulge in fishing and surfing. 

The camping sites in this national park are clean and are equipped with the necessary facilities.

3. Notch Point

This camping site is located in Ilbilbie in Queensland and offers the entire family an unmatched outdoor experience. 

The free camping spot has no facilities and campers are expected to bring their camping gear with them. 

It is also preferable to have a four-wheel drive to drive through the rough terrain. 

Campers are only allocated 24 hours of stay to enjoy fishing and explore the various picnic spots in this site.

4. Kangaroo Island

If you are planning a free camping trip in South Australia, then Kangaroo Island should be on your bucket list. 

With plenty of fascinating places to visit at this site, the island also offers a number of free camping sites where you can set camp for the night. 

Sites such as the Dunes and the Sea are absolutely perfect for the entire family as they offer facilities for pets, toilets, campervans and much more. 

5. Bushy Parker Park

This camping site in Queensland boasts a clean creek in which campers can swim. The park also has various camping facilities for the entire family. 

Further, campers can access a gas station and service store for supplies. 

The campsite is situated only 54km north of Townsville and offers campers up to two days of camping. 

However, campers have no access to power but can continue to enjoy mobile reception.

6. Fletcher Creek

The sound of the flowing Fletcher Creek in Queensland is refreshing for the campers on this site, which is located on a river bank. 

The grass area around the river offers a nice spot for camping. Campers can also enjoy the breath-taking views of the Dalrymple National Park. 

Other beautiful views in the campsite include the fossil limestone and lava flows. 

Campers are free to light campfires and enjoy barbeques, making the site suitable for the entire family.

Final Thoughts

Australia offers many camping spots for those seeking some adventure, with most of them in the outback and national parks. 

Campers are expected to carry supplies to some of these sites, while others offer the various facilities and supplies needed by campers. 

Sites such as Flinders Ranges and the Fletcher Creek also lead campers to the beautiful views of the surrounding areas.

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