5 Hidden Camping Spots Victoria
March 22, 2021 POSTED BY Retreat Caravans

5 Hidden Camping Spots In Victoria

Not enough space in your backyard? It’s a good thing Victoria has more than enough camping grounds for us to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Victoria’s landscape is very versatile and is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. There is everything you could ever want – beaches, waterfalls, desert, limestone formations, mountains and rainforests just to name a few. Among all of this, there is truly a camping spot for everyone.

Victoria has around 45 National parks and ranges so there is no shortage of camping spots for you. However, there are some hidden gems out there that not many people have heard of. 

Therefore, we have come up with a list of 5 epic hidden camping spots in Victoria that will take your breath away. 

1). Ellimatta

Travel Time from Melbourne: 3 hours

Closest Town: Moyhu

Ellimatta is nestled deep in the heart of the wine region of King Valley. This is a pet-friendly campground that is home to many farm animals. 

Things to do in Ellimata:

  • You can pitch your tent by the river and enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature 
  • You can also make it a base camp for going on day trips to the Victorian snowfields. 
  • Go yabbying in the spring-fed dam.
  • Enjoy the relaxing afternoon shade of the gorgeous gum trees.
  • Have a bonfire and cook your meals under the sky.
  • There are also wineries to visit, great food, and pubs.
  • If you are up for a great adventure, you can go 4 wheel driving in Ellimatta’s outback.
  • Go search for high country huts.
  • At night, enjoy the lights of Mt. Butler ski resort while you sit in front of the bonfire. 
  • Retrace the footsteps of Ned Kelly throughout the district.
5 Hidden Camping Spots Victoria

Source: ellimata.com.au

2). Granite Springs

Travel Time from Melbourne: 1.5 hours

Closest Town: Lancefield

Granite Springs is a pet-friendly 300-acre farm stay north of Melbourne with 12 dams and a creek and no shortage of farm animals roaming around. It is located amongst the Granite Hills of Nulla Vale and showcases nature’s best.

What to do in Granite Springs:

  • Go swimming in the dams and creek.
  • Go fishing and catch your dinner.
  • Pitch your tent near the water and enjoy a quiet time away from the city.
  • Watch the stars at night.

3). 10-Acre Produce

Travel Time from Melbourne: 2.75 hours

Closest Town: Warrnambool

The 10-Acre Produce is a lush and grassy campground located just a short drive from the start of the Great Ocean Road. It is teeming with wildlife and has generously sized campsites available.

What to do in 10-Acre Produce:

    • Bring your utes, caravans, or even just pitch your tent in the heart of the lush greens.
    • Cook your dinner over the campfire and enjoy the lulling sounds of nature.
    • Visit the Ralph Illidge Sanctuary and Laang Speedway.
    • Visit the Timboon Distillery which is only about 20 minutes away. 
    • Go horseback riding. It is a working farm with various farm animals and Australian stock horses. 
5 Hidden Camping Spots Victoria

Source: hipcamp.com

4). Chillcrest

Travel time from Melbourne: 1.75 hours

Closest Town: Smythesdale

Chillcrest is a 30-acre piece of private bushland set around two billabongs. It is surrounded by the sweet nectar of eucalyptus from the state forest. It is the perfect spot to camp in. 

What to do in Chillcrest:

  • Pitch your tent in the bushland by one of the billabongs and watch the stars at night by the bonfire.
  • Visit the 1969 Leyland motorhome that is hidden away in the woodlands and make it your home for the night. Be sure to take plenty of photos because Lady, the Leyland motorhome, is one of a kind.
  • Go fishing or just walk around the area.
  • Go hiking and find unrivalled peace and serenity.
  • Have a picnic bear one of the billabongs or among the trees.
  • Watch the sunset over the treetops.

5). Clancy Springs

Travel time from Melbourne: 2.25 hours

Closest Town: Inverloch

Clancy Springs is set on a 40-acre farm between the seaside towns of Inverloch and Venus Bay. In Clancy Springs, farm life meets Victorian coastal vibes. 

What to do in Clancy Springs:

  • Camp by the pond and listen to the wonderful sounds of nature at night by the bonfire.
  • Watch the koalas, roos, and wallabies while enjoying an afternoon drink.
  • Watch the sunset and count the stars as they appear one by one.
  • Go fishing at Anderson Inlet and catch your dinner.
  • Visit the wineries nearby.
  • Go hiking.
  • Ride a pushbike along the Great Southern Rail Trail.
5 Hidden Camping Spots Victoria

Source: weareexplorers.co

There are a lot of sensational places to explore in Victoria. It would literally take years to explore them all but we hope the five places we have recommended above are a good starting point.

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